Outright Betting Odds and Markers for FIFA World Cup 2022

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Outright Betting Odds and Markers for FIFA World Cup 2022

With the FIFA World Cup right around the corner, punters are lining up for sportsbooks to take their bets. Outright markets have been published for quite a while now with the odds going up and down based on the trajectory of players. 

But we have the latest odds straight out of Betfinal. We’ve listed a few of the most popular markets along with the odds for each of these markets for you to bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Outright Betting Types for FIFA World Cup 2022

The easiest way to get started with FIFA World Cup betting is to start with the outright markets. By definition, these are some of the more simpler markets in terms of the outcome.

And here, we’ll start by explaining what outright betting in the World Cup is for all the first-time punters. And then we’ll move on to all the types of outright bets that you could possibly place on the World Cup this edition.

Outright betting essentially means placing a bet on the result of the entire competition. The easiest example of an outright bet in the FIFA World Cup is betting on the winner.

Outright bets are usually long-term since you’re most likely to bet on a result that can only be determined at the end of the competition. Since the World Cup is starting at the end of November, you might still have time to place a few outright bets on the Group Stages.

Outright bets can also be placed on individual players. That means you can bet on the top goal scorer, or winner of the Golden Boot. Another market is on the best goalkeeper, or the winner of the Golden Glove.

We’ll explain all the types of outright bets you can place on the World Cup in the next few sections. And all the bets that we’re going to mention are from Betfinal.

Name the World Cup Finalists

Outright bet for finalists

You can tell by the title that this bet is placed on the outcome of the whole competition. The two finalists of the World Cup could come from any of the groups and it may not even be as accurate as the odds predict.

The two nations are going to be pretty hard to predict and based on the 32 nations right now, it is going to be near impossible to list all of the combinations. So, we’ll give you a few of the odds along with our opinion on what the final might have in store.

The highest likelihood for the finalists based on odds of 15.00 is France vs Brazil. France is the defending champion for this season and Brazil has the highest odds of winning the tournament.

Another potential matchup for the finalists for this season is France vs Argentina with odds of 17.00. France is a nation that you’ll repeatedly hear about whenever we talk about the odds. And Argentina is not a nation that we have really high hopes for.

But FIFA Simulator has predicted that Argentina will win this World Cup tournament and it has been correct for the past 3 editions. But the likelihood of Argentina making the finals is also very high.

Other matchups based on the odds include England vs Brazil with odds of 19, Spain vs Germany with odds of 21, England vs Argentina, and France vs Netherlands both with odds of 23.

Our prediction for the finalists includes two nations among Brazil, France, and Netherlands. 

World Cup Runner Up

The runners up are a bit easier to predict once you look at the odds for the Finalists. France has the best odds for being the runner up for the World Cup in this edition. The odds for France placing second are 8.50.

Argentina also has great odds of placing second at 9.00 which is very close to France. Brazil and England both also have 9.00 odds. Our bet for second is actually between Brazil and France. We said earlier that the Netherlands might be one of the finalists.

But other than that Brazil and France are our other two picks. And if France ends up winning the World Cup, Brazil becomes the runner up. And there is a very high likelihood of that happening.

Brazil has an amazing squad for the World Cup but the team tends to lack creativity. The squad also lacks depth in terms of its defense.

And if the Brazil team ends up facing off in the final against France, our bet is definitely on France winning. We know this goes against the odds. But since these are outright bets, you can expect that the odds will be fluctuating quite a bit as the tournament progresses. 

Golden Ball Winner

Ballon d'Or trophy

The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player in the FIFA World Cup. The shortlist is created by the FIFA Technical Committee. And the final winner is decided by votes from the media. So, that means journalists and other personnel from the media.

Unlike the Golden Boot, there isn’t a definitive criterion for the winner. The best player can be determined with a lot of things in mind. So, that makes it much harder to put odds on it and make a fair prediction.

But Betfinal has come through, nonetheless. The player with the best odds for the Golden Glove is Kylian Mbappe with odds of 10. He has had some controversies with his transfer saga in club football. But the player is loved by fans and media alike.

Tied with Mbappe with odds of 10 for the Golden Boot is Lionel Messi. This is likely to be his last appearance in the FIFA World Cup. And we’d wager to say Messi has great odds of winning the tournament.

Next up on the odds table is Neymar Jr with a price of 12. And afterwards, Harry Kane and Karim Benzema are tied at 13.25. Karim Benzema is actually this season’s Ballon d’Or winner. But our bet is on either of Messi or Mbappe to win this year.

FIFA Golden Glove Winner

You might have figured out by now which players get the Golden Glove award. It is given to the best goalkeeper in the tournament. And the award was initially introduced in 1994. The most recent Golden Glove winner is Thibaut Courtois and he is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world right now.

Despite that, the keeper with the best odds of winning the Golden Glove this year is Alisson Becker with odds of 5.50. Tibo Courtois is not far behind with odds of 6.0.

Although the odds have pegged Becker with the best odds to win, we have our money on Tibo. He is in the best form of his life in spite of a recent injury spell. And if Belgium can perform well for this edition of the World Cup, Courtois has a good chance of winning.

Other than these two, Manuel Neuer is another tremendous keeper with odds of 7.00. All of the keepers that have high odds are truly the best in the world. And the truth of the matter is that any of them could win the award.

Straight Forecast

A straight forecast refers to two combined selections in a single bet where the outcome needs to be in a sequence. The selections for the top two teams are Brazil/ France with odds of 23.00.

The next two are Brazil/ England with odds of 29.00 and France/ Argentina with odds of 31. The selections Argentina/ France, Brazil/ Portugal, Argentina/ England, Spain/ Germany, France/ Brazil, and Germany/ Spain all have odds of 36.00.

Like we said before, these odds are going to fluctuate a bit. So, we recommend that you look at the updated versions before betting.

First Time Winner

This is the simplest market that you can bet on in the World Cup. All you have to do is predict whether the winner for this season will be winning for the first time ever. That means a nation that has never previously won the World Cup.

 This includes nations like Australia, Angola, Belgium, and many more. But the likelihood of that is very low. The odds for a first-time winner are 3.15 and the odds for the winner not being a first timer are 1.25.

To Reach Final

This is just a side bet to the regular outright bets. These are the odds for each nation to reach the final. The nations with the best odds to win are the same ones who have good odds of reaching the final.

Brazil is the nation with the highest odds here at 3.20. And then we have France with odds of 3.80. We won’t be listing the odds for all of the nations. But we’ll try to include the ones for nations that we think are likely to turn around their fates.

The Netherlands has odds of 6.00 and Belgium is right behind at 6.50. Both nations have some amazing players with a lot of depth.

The Netherlands might be the dark horse in this edition of the World Cup. And Belgium has some great young players that can wreak havoc on their opponents.

To Reach Semi Finals

We don’t want this section to be a repeat of the winner and finalist categories. So, we’ll list some of the other teams who are likely to make it into the Semi Finals.

Netherlands is an underrated nation in this edition of the World Cup and we’re pretty sure that the nation is going to make it into the Quarters and the Semis. Netherlands has odds of 3.40 of being one of the 4 nations in the Semi Finals.

Belgium has odds of 3.60 although there isn’t much of a chance that Belgium is making it too far in this World Cup. Germany and Spain are higher in the pecking order with respective odds of 3.15 and 2.77.

The Semi Finals refer to the top 4 teams in the World Cup. And based on the odds, the top four are likelier to be among Brazil, France, Argentina, and England based on the odds.

To Reach the Quarter Finals

The Quarter Finals are the top 8 teams in the World Cup. And again, the top teams that we’ve already mentioned are the likeliest to make it to the Quarter Finals.

Portugal is one of the nations with a strong chance of making it to the Quarter Final with odds of 1.87. Uruguay has players such as Federico Valverde and that makes the nation another strong contender for a spot in the top 8 with odds of 3.30.

Croatia has odds of 3.80 and for the player Luka Modric, this is likely to be his last World Cup for the nation. So, we can expect to see him turn around these odds.

Another nation gunning for one of the Quarter Final sports is Denmark with odds of 2.70.

More can be figured out once the tournament actually begins. Between the time we are writing the article and the World Cup start date, a lot may change with injuries, player form, and the overall mindset of the World Cup players.

So, before you decide to place any bets, make sure you look at the updated odds. You can find these on any sports betting website. The ones we have mentioned were posted by Betfinal.

Which Group Will the Winner Come From

This is quite an interesting bet. Every group has some strong nations in them and the final outcome of which group the winner will come from is pretty hard to predict.

But we can always look at the odds and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. Group G has the highest odds of having the World Cup winner with odds of 4.50.

The reason for Group G having the highest odds is because Brazil is in the group. And Brazil, as we’ve said many times before, has the best odds of winning. Other nations in Group G are Serbia, Cameroon, and Switzerland.

The next group with high odds is Group D. The odds for the winner coming from this group D is 5.0. The nations in Group D are France, Denmark, Australia, and Tunisia. So, you could pretty much tell that France is the reason this group has such high odds.

The rest of the odds are:

Group Odds
Group E 5.00
Group B 6.50
Group C 7.00
Group F 10.00
Group A 11.00
Group H 11.00

Spain and Germany are in Group E and both nations have high expectations for this World Cup. Although neither of the nations have the highest odds of winning the World Cup, anything can happen. So, we wouldn’t count them out.

Belgium and Croatia are two other powerhouses which are both in Group F. Although the team doesn’t have high odds of producing a winner at the moment, there’s a chance that the odds may change in the future.

Argentina is the best option for Group C and England for Group B. By the time you read this article, the odds may not be the latest. So, if you want the most updated ones, take a look at the Betfinal website.

Winner/Top Goal scorer

We already dedicated a section for the top goal scorer in the entire tournament or the winner of the Golden Boot. So, we’ve decided to leave a section for the top goal scoring nation in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The nations with the best odds of winning are also the same ones who have the best odds of being the highest scoring nation. Coming in at first is Brazil with odds of 4.75 and France is not far behind with odds of 5.00.

Brazil has Neymar Jr who is probably in the best form of his life right now. And France has both Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema in this year’s squad. Both players are among the top goal scorers in their respective clubs.

Argentina also has pretty great odds at 5.5 to be the highest goal scoring team. The rest of the teams have a bit more of a difference in their odds compared to the first three.

England has odds of 7.00 and Spain has odds of 7.50. Both nations have great squads in their own right but it all boils down to the performance of the playmakers.

Winning Confederation

The four confederations in the World Cup are UEFA (Europe), CONMEBOL (South America), CAF (Africa), and AFC (Asia).

The confederation with the best chances of producing a World Cup winner this year is the UEFA confederation of Europe with odds of 1.40. CONMEBOL has odds of 2.77, CAF has odds of 36.00 and finally AFC has odds of 66.00.

What we can tell from these odds is that Son Heung Min is not very likely to take South Asia to a World Cup victory. And the European nations have the best chances of having this years World Cup winner. 

Winner for Each Group

This section is for the odds of the winners to win each group. There are Groups A through H this time with 32 nations. And each of the groups have 4 nations in them. These nations will be halved by the end of the Group Stages.

From Group A, Netherlands has the best odds of winning at 1.41. Then in Group B we have England with odds of 1.32. Both teams are highly likely to have the most points in their respective group stages based on the comparative odds.

For Group C, Argentina has odds of 1.38. Argentina also has high overall chances of winning the entire competition. In Group D, the nation with the best odds is France with 1.40. France is another one of the nations with the best odds of winning the tournament.

Germany and Spain have respective odds of 1.87 and 2.08 in Group E and both have similar chances of winning the group. Then in Group F Belgium is most likely to be the winner with odds of 1.53.

Group G has the legendary Brazil with odds of 1.35 and the best overall odds of winning the tournament. And finally, Group H has Portugal with odds of 1.66 and Uruguay with odds of 3.00.

The predicted winners of each of the group stages also align with our speculations. And since the Group stage is the closest round of the World Cup, these odds won’t change up too much.

FIFA World Cup 2022 FAQs

We are nearing the end of the guide for the FIFA World Cup 2022. We made sure you could find all the details to start betting on the World Cup in this article. And to end it off we’ve added a short FAQ section on the FIFA World Cup 2022.

How to Bet on the World Cup 2022?

To bet on the World Cup, you might want to visit a physical betting shop, if one is available in your region. Alternatively, you can also bet online by signing up on a sportsbook’s website.

After you fund your account, you can bet on any of the fixtures once the tournament gets started.

Is In-play Betting Allowed in the World Cup?

Yes, in-play betting is certainly allowed for the World Cup. Most sportsbooks offer it as a feature all year round. Live betting makes the whole experience much more thrilling for punters.

Who is going to Win the World Cup 2022?

Based on the odds, most experts are speculating that Brazil is going to win the 2022 World Cup. However, FIFA Simulator has predicted that Argentina is going to win this time around. And the automated game has been correct for the last 3 editions of the World Cup.

However, only time will tell who the winner will be. And you can find updated odds on any sports betting site at the time of the tournament. 


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