How does music impact gambling in 2022?

26 Oct 2022Guides
How does music impact gambling in 2022?

Have you ever known that music and soundtrack are the often-overlooked part of innovating any successful game? Especially when it comes to casino games!  A group of specialized experts work on it to make you dive into the world of gaming. Never underestimate the sound you are confronted with once you focus on your game.


In the last decades gambling industry has undergone enormous growth. The global iGaming sector is worth vast numbers of customers, and the market is taking giant steps. Particularly with the massive spread of online casinos worldwide, people tend to show more interest in online casino games. 

What makes people enjoy online casinos as much as land-based casinos? What makes an online platform as fun as a real casino? Logically, the atmosphere in land-based casinos is much more sophisticated and attractive than an online site. So what makes gamblers today still enjoy living on adrenaline, dopamine and Oxytocin from their homes? 


An online casino today is pretty well-designed, just like a land-based casino. And thanks to the live casino games option, gamblers can interact with live dealers and real players at the same time. These details have made İ-Gaming today one of the most successful sectors. 

You can then note that thanks to technology, similarities between virtual and real casinos are numerous, but never miss out on an essential factor that plays a key role: MUSİC.

Music: a significant component of online games 

online casino game
online casino game


Have you ever known that music and soundtrack are the often-overlooked part of innovating any successful game? Especially when it comes to casino games! A group of specialized experts work on it to make you dive into the world of gaming. Never underestimate the sound you are confronted with once you focus on your game.


The implementation of background sounds in casinos was launched in the 70s, and it remains to thrive in online casinos today as its benefits to players are remarkable. 


There are multiple reasons why people enjoy online games thoroughly. Undoubtedly, one of them is the memorable trip enhanced by the unique background SFX interacting with their unconscious brain.  


You can notice it through the portfolio of the most successful game providers, such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Ezugi and NetEnt. They are well-known for their high quality and offer a lifelike casino experience paying attention to every single detail in the game, including innovative Audio. 


Imagine playing online Live Monopoly from Evolution Gaming without any sounds. Not as immersive is it?


Music’s impact on people is a well-investigated theme by psychologists. İt stirs emotions and inspires them.

Of course, casinos aren’t immune to this inevitable charm. They pay enormous attention to the background audio accompanying games to help players be more connected to the game to focus and play better.


To sum up, the background sounds that accompany casino games are susceptible to impact all the risky behaviour of online players.


Music and the human brain

İn the last decade, neurosciences have undertaken music’s effects on the human brain from neuronal, hormonal, cognitive, motivational and emotional perspectives. Scholars have concluded the magical impact of background tracks in broadening the human brain. 


The observation of a human brain through imaging techniques like Functional Magnetic Resonance İmaging (FMRİ) and Position Emission Tomography (PET) has highlighted spectacular effects as shown below. 


 Functional MRI analysis of human brain activity while listening to music
Functional MRI analysis of human brain activity while listening to music


Music positively impacts specific regions and lobes of the brain that are dedicated to attention, motivation, emotion, problem-solving, decision-making and creativity. İt stimulates Oxytocin, the hormone of positive emotions such as happiness and pleasure.


How does music enhance gamblers’ performance? 

When diving into the profound adventure of online games, it is not unusual to be confronted with various types of audio tracks, and each one is unique to the kind of game you play. While slow songs can be inspiring, inviting you to calm down, thrilling music is suspenseful, setting you to focus on strategy. 

Slow music tempts the player to get to know the dealer and the whole atmosphere better. However, thrilling music has the advantage of endorsing him in an enthusiastic climate of generating the appropriate strategy rapidly.


Music boosts impulsivity 

As a gambler, you know that hurrying through games and rushing to bet is common but is generally followed by regret. Under the excitement of the dream to win big, players may seem impatient and finish with a wrong bet.

Hence, you are supposed to take your time and play slowly and safely. 


While enjoying the background music, gamblers feel comfortable and relaxed. The feeling of safety that soundtracks generate, regardless of the kind, impacts players’ speed and impulsivity. 

For instance, slow music helps the player forget about his life’s stressful events by cleaning his mind and remaining concentrated on the game world. Life events may be disruptive; therefore, once faced to calm sounds, the player can benefit from gaming far from reality.

By contrast, some players prefer thrilling music to enhance their competitive energy, which in turn helps them feel more self-confident. 

Regardless of its genre, music can boost people’s impulsivity and offer them a margin to concentrate better. 


Music enhances the quality of decision-making. 

Music effects are susceptible to orient people’s decision-making. Through the sound of coins hitting the machines, bells and alarms, the background audio gives a subliminal signal to the brain making the individual feel the realistic part of the game. This message triggers a feeling of seriousness in players, who realize that they should take online games seriously and exert more effort in making decisions. They enter a deep mood where “well, it is more realistic and decisive than a virtual and illusive moment”.


Moreover, gamblers generally start the game with high stress triggered by the enthusiasm for winning big. They need to take advantage of the idea that making an appropriate decision under the pressure of stress is rarely worthwhile. Here comes the crucial role of background sounds in boosting the atmosphere by alleviating stress. İt decreases high levels of stress in people, which in turn helps them make better decisions. 

Gamblers are continuously dealing with risk intelligence involved in decision-making under uncertainty. Music is susceptible to stimulating this skill in players by eliminating disruptive thoughts from their minds. 


Music amplifies creativity 

Under music effects, the human brain has proved to function more creatively. Music stimulates “divergent thinking” in people’s brains. İt is a competence that allows people to think more broadly and wisely. İnstead of being narrow-minded, music helps people to come up with new and original ideas. Under sound effects, gamblers become more creative in selecting the best strategy that suits their bets appropriately. 


Top most famous casino games songs 

Various genres are used in online casinos like Betfinal to offer every player the atmosphere that suits him best. Here we provide you with a list of songs that we find the most:


  • Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
  • Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  • Macklemore – Thrift Shop
  • Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady 
  • Sting – Shape of My Heart
  • Katy Perry – Waking up in Vegas 


Published: October 2022
By: Sarah Zaneti

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