Five Most Common Gambling Myths and Fallacies About Online Casinos in 2022

24 Nov 2022Guides
Five Most Common Gambling Myths and Fallacies About Online Casinos in 2022

Myths and fallacies are widespread social constructs and have always existed in human history and touched all areas of life. This is especially noticeable when it comes to gambling. The stories that surround casino games are mostly false and misleading.

Despite their fallacious character, these myths persist and keep clouding the minds, especially of novices in gambling. Unfortunately, beginners in casino life are more likely to be fooled by the most common gambling myths.

As many baseless rumours are circulating around and clouding reality about casinos, we decided to provide you with the most common myths to avoid falling into their trap.

Casino Games Are Based On Luck

Common gambling myths in online casinos

Many professional gamblers worldwide have reported that their successful career has been shaped thanks to their strategies. Indeed, the concept of luck is inevitable in casino life; however, it would be very foolish to deny the calculations behind it.

For instance, the famous poker champion Liv Boeree believes that there is a science in gambling. She even presented many conferences explaining common points between science and certain casino games.

Consequently, believing that gambling is only based on luck is a myth that would minimize the chances of a win for inexperienced players.

Many articles have been written to disclose the strategies to maximize winning chances in casinos. They provide tips based on probabilities, calculations and behavioural approaches to succeed in gambling.

The famous psychologist Dylan Evans has talked about the power of risk intelligence in professional gamblers. He reported many times that some successful gamblers win not by chance but thanks to their ability to weigh their probabilities while making decisions in risky and uncertain situations.

All these proofs make it evident that winning money in gambling is not a myth or luck but a question of good strategies gained by experience and practice.

Gambling Is a Men’s Activity

Many stereotypes relate gambling to men rather than to women. This represents one of the earliest gambling myths. İt is true that historically, gambling has been a mainly men’s hobby in most of their spare time. Nevertheless, nowadays, statistics show that women are equally interested in casino games and sports betting as much as men. The list of female champions in casino games is progressing every year.

Today, with the legalization of land-based casinos in numerous countries, women have started participating in betting. Particularly, with the swift growth of online casinos worldwide, women’s engagement in gambling has sharply increased.

The rise of online female gamblers in the last ten years is a fact that needs to be addressed apart. Today in the UK, women are more active in profit margins than ever. Remarkably, the number of online female bettors has tripled.

For example, despite the little difference in statistics, British men and women have proven to participate in gambling. While 66% of all men in the UK reported being engaged in some form of gambling, 59% of women acknowledged their participation.

Online Casinos Do Not Pay Out If a Player Wins Big

Online casinos are also available on mobile devices

Because of their virtual character, online casinos remain accused of unfairness; however, this is a vast baseless rumour. Delving into online casino testimonials demonstrates that real players already had the chance to win real money and become rich through online games.

Of course, all online casinos cannot be trustworthy, and their credibility matters. For this reason, reviewing the reputation of an online casino before starting a gambling adventure is an inevitable condition. İt is essential to note that the existence of fake online casinos does not mean that the online İgaming world is unreal.

A relevant number of online casinos are legally licensed and highly recommended. Betfinal online casino is a concrete example of a viable platform to trust and play safely. This online casino pays attention to paying its players rapidly and fairly to protect its credibility and prestigious image.

But in the case of Betfinal casino has witnessed many successful players who have been paid out at the appropriate time throughout its history.

It is needless to remind you that an excellent online enterprise has no advantage to deprive its players of their right to be paid out once they win. By contrast, its team goes to great lengths to offer its players the best service.

Many other online casinos are working hard to prove their credibility, and they do their best to verify that the idea of not paying out players is only one of the most widespread gambling myths.

Today many professional gamblers become rich thanks to online casino platforms.

Dealers Can Influence Outcomes

Professional gamblers at casinos

Under the pain of losing at a live table, many players believe that the dealer is cheating. To appraise the loss’s guilt, they circulate fallacious ideas about live croupiers. Nevertheless, live dealers are real humans working hard to offer players the best gaming climate.

Live dealers are occupied by shuffling the decks, spinning the wheel, dealing the cards, commenting and interacting appropriately with every player’s situation and various other missions simultaneously. They have no control over outcome manipulation. They have no right to interfere in the game’s progression; otherwise, they would face severe consequences for themselves and the casinos.

Live dealers can in no way run the risk of controlling or influencing any outcomes. If we consider the example of roulette, many players believe that a dealer can predict where the ball will land on the wheel. However, practically predicting the outcome is entirely impossible.

Only Sports Betting Is Profitable

Sports betting on different sports

Here is one of the most famous gambling myths. Many online players believe that only sports can be their source of winning money, and they think that football or horse racing is the most reliable bet to guarantee their wins. However, no one can deny that most professional gamblers succeed in sports betting and casino games

For instance, Liv Boeree and Phil İvey represent relevant examples of professional poker players, and Edward Thorp and Zeljko Ranogajec are famous Blackjack champions. Indeed, the list of professional gamblers who have succeeded in gambling life in casino games rather than sports betting remains long.

You, too, should avoid these famous gambling myths to avoid falling into their trap. If you need help with gambling when you’re starting out, consider checking our gambling tips on Betfinal. Learn from this list to enjoy your gambling adventure and maximize your winning chances.

Published: November 2022

By: Sarah Zaneti

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