FIFA World Cup 2022 Prop Betting Guide

22 Nov 2022FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup 2022 Prop Betting Guide

In online sports betting, prop betting has a dedicated following. Especially during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Compared to regular online betting, prop bets have a niche of dedicated followers. But they can be some of the most fun bets that you can place on online betting sites.

With the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, bookmakers will see a 30% rise in their business. It’s a perfect opportunity to offer prop betting option to punters. Since the bet is not tied to the outcome of any match, it can create some wonderful unforgettable betting events.

You will find many online betting sites offering prop betting markets. But you can get the best collection of World Cup prop bets here at Betfinal. We’ll be covering all of the prop bets for this season. Stay tuned to find out the things that you can expect.

FIFA World Cup Prop Bets

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prop Betting Tips

Since prop bets don’t affect the outcome of the game, almost anything is up for prop betting. You could also possibly bet on the shoe your favourite player is going to wear. But that’s just an example.

We can divide all the possible FIFA World Cup prop betting options into three major categories.

  1. Player Prop bets
  2. Team Prop bets
  3. Future Prop bets

Let’s see some of the possible prop bets under each of the categories.

FIFA World Cup Player Prop Betting

Player Prop betting

There is a clear reason for player-prop betting to be so popular. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is the biggest stage of the year. Fans get to see some of the biggest stars in the game compete on the world stage. That means it’s also the perfect time to take part in prop betting.

As you’re going to be dealing with player prop bets, most betting markets will be surrounded by a player’s performance. We’ve prepared a list of the prop bets. Maybe you’d like to take a look at some of them.

First Goal Scorer

This bet has players bet on whether their play is going to score the first goal or not. The odds are listed in favour of the star players. These are the player that has the highest rate of scoring goals. Betting on the best players is going to be the safest route for you.

You’ll need to stake your money on a dark horse if you want a higher payout. The World Cup is a tournament where upsets keep happening all the time. If luck is with you, you just might win the prop betting market by betting on a player less likely to score the first goal.

Any Goal Scorer

If you’re feeling intimidated about making the prediction about the first goal, rest easy. You can try any goalscorer market. This will have you make the prediction about a player who might score at least one goal in the match.

If you’re anxious about winning the bet more than the payout, then this is a highly recommended market.

Player Assists

Football is not just about the goal scorers. The players who are the playmakers are also loved by the fans. There are also goal-scorers who happen to be playmakers. Lionel Messi of Argentina happens to be one of those players.

In FIFA World Cup prop betting, there is also a market for players who have assisted. If you want to place an uncommon bet, then this is a great option. The outcome of the bet is unpredictable and so are the odds.

Player to Get a Card

Punters can also bet on players who will get cards in the game. As you know, cards are given to players as a penalty for committing a foul. There are yellow cards that serve as warnings. Getting two of these will equal a red card, which sends the player off the field.

You might think this isn’t something that punters stake money on. But that’s the thing about prop betting. You never know what market you’re going to encounter. And this betting market is really popular when it comes to player prop betting in the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Team Prop Betting

Team Prop Betting

You also have the option to participate in prop betting for teams rather than players. The markets here are going to be completely different. But your experience will be amazing regardless.

Punters usually place prop bets on their favorite teams. But if you want variety during the FIFA World Cup, consider checking the other teams and their betting markets out as well.

Team Goals

Possibly the easiest out of all the prop betting. You predict the number of goals the team is going to score over the course of 90 minutes. Some betting sites will also divide this market into two halves of the game.

There is a long-term version of this prop betting market as well. We’re going to take a look at that later on.

Total Corners

Corners take place in football matches all the time. That makes it a market that you can wager real money on. It depends on different factors and the odds are listed accordingly. You can bet on any of the two teams when it comes to total corners.

Total Cards

You can also bet on which team gets the most cards. This might feel like the one we talked about in player prop betting. But it’s a totally different market.

In player prop betting, the market was for the player who might get a card. But in team prop betting, this is for the team that gets the most number of cards in a match.

FIFA World Cup Future Prop Betting

Future Prop Betting

Prop bets don’t need to be restricted to single matches only. If you want to for it, you can also play the long game with prop betting. Betting sites will offer that option to punters.

Future prop bets usually pay out at the end of the FIFA World Cup. Hence the bet has the word “Future” in its name.  It’s quite possible that you’re not familiar with this sort of bet. But we’ll tell you one thing. Future prop bets are some of the most popular bets placed during the FIFA World Cup.

Here are some of the common markets.

Golden Boot Winner

This is the most popular award that’s given to players. The player with the highest number of goals in the whole tournament is the one that receives it. It’s handed to players from Football clubs too, for the highest goals of the season.

But the Golden Boot during the FIFA World Cup is different. This is one of the most talked about betting markets. Depending on the player’s recent performance, the odds are listed at the start of the season. Try out your luck and place a bet on this market if it interests you.

Best Goalkeeper

You already can tell what this betting market is going to be about. The best goalkeeper award is handed out to the keeper with the most saves and greatest performance during the World Cup.

Currently, Courtois from Belgium is being considered one of the favourites to win the award. If you want to place a bet on him, there’s a good chance that you might win in this future prop betting market.

Group Winners

The group winner bet is also another prop bet that’s popular during the World Cup season. Punters are always excited to bet on their favourites from each group. Since there are 8 groups in total, you can place 8 different kinds of bets on this market.

Teams to Make It Past the Group Stages

Speaking of the groups, there is another prop betting market that we forgot to talk about. Aside from the group winner betting market, we’ve also seen bettors excited for teams that will make it past the group stages.

You can bet on the team/teams that you feel have a chance to make it past the group stages. You can do this for the quarter-finals, semifinals, and even the grand finals. You can consider placing a bet on Argentina, which has been predicted by EA to be the winner of this World Cup.


For any sort of help with World Cup and betting tips, check out our guides on the Betfinal site.

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