Every Stage of FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Contextualized for Sports Betting

9 Nov 2022FIFA World Cup
Every Stage of FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Contextualized for Sports Betting

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. And if you need a guide on FIFA World Cup 2022 betting, you’ve found the ultimate resource material.

Are you excited? The biggest sporting event in the history of football, and maybe even the world is coming soon. The FIFA World Cup 2022 in all of its glory is set to be played by 32 nations in Qatar this year around.

The long-awaited competition, after 4 years, is back to give you a run for your money if you’re someone who enjoys sports betting. This event probably sees the highest number of people betting on it in any given season.

Supporting your favourite nation by betting on it is definitely a great way to welcome the event. But if you want to get serious about FIFA World Cup betting, you may want to have a few strategies stashed in your back pocket.

And luckily for you, we have the ultimate guide on the ins and outs of FIFA World Cup betting, odds for the winners, and any other detail that we can think of.

FIFA World Cup 2022: The Host

Metro Rails built for Qatar World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is kicking off on the 20th of November in Qatar. The stage is set at the Al Bayt Stadium for the host Qatar to battle it out with Ecuador. Qatar actually automatically qualified for it’s first FIFA World Cup ever by being designated as the host country.

Fun fact: Temperatures in Qatar reached the late 40s in Celsius during the summer, which is why the World Cup was postponed. This put a damper on the schedule for club football since the World Cup players might miss a few vacation days.

Qatar manages to lobby FIFA into allowing the nation to kick of the tournament this year as host. So, while the World Cup is usually played around June, this years schedule was tweaked to fit the temperature and allow the host nation to open the tournament.

Qatar was one of the 5 nations that made bids for the 2022 World Cup and won after 4 rounds of voting. There was some controversy regarding the selection of Qatar as host, but the nation has done well to prepare for the tournament.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 host build a whopping 7 new stadiums, airports, metro-rails, made road improvements and built over 100 new hotels. And all of this to welcome the players and fans arriving for the World Cup 2022.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Groups & Betting on Groups

Let’s start off by explaining a bit about the format in which the FIFA World Cup is played. It starts off with the Group Stage, Round of 16, moving on to the Quarter Finals, then the Semi-Finals, and alas the Finals. You can find the FIFA World Cup 2022 fixtures on the official website.

There are 32 nations playing this edition of the World Cup. The 32 nations were the ones qualifying in the initial FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers, also arranged by FIFA. The nations have been divided into 8 groups for the Group Stage.

Each group hosts 4 teams, each of which play one match against the other 3 teams. Winning awards a team 3 points, a draw awards 1 point, and a loss results in none. The two teams with the highest points in each group moves on to the RO16. This brings down the count from 32 to 16.

Next, in this section, we’ll be going into detail about each of the groups and the potential winners. We’ll also be listing the odds for the potential group winners. But we’ll warn you, odds aren’t always accurate, so depending on when you’re reading this, you may want to look at some of the updated odds.

Odds are listed from Betway.

Group A

We’ll start off by listing the nations in Group A and the odds for the group winners.

Nations Odds
Senegal 1.43
Netherlands 5.25
Ecuador 6.95
Qatar 14.70

Based on the odds, Senegal and Netherlands appear to be the two teams most likely to qualify. But Ecuador isn’t far behind and the nation might surprise us all.

Group B

Next, are the nations in Group B and the outright odds for each nation to win the group.

Nations Odds
England 1.32
USA 6.50
Wales 6.85
Ireland 18.30

England has a very strong squad this season around. But the real question is about which team might win the other spot for qualifying.

Group C

This is an interesting group and here, we’ve listed the nations along with each of their odds.

Nations Odds
Argentina 1.40
Poland 5.50
Mexico 5.85
Saudi Arabia 22.70

Clearly, Argentina has the best odds, and most people already know the strength of the nation. Betting on either of Mexico or Poland might turn out to be an exciting bet.

Group D

The Group D nations are below along with their odds of winning the group.

Nations Odds
France 1.39
Denmark 3.85
Australia 13.60
Tunisia 15.70

France, hands down, has the strongest squad in our opinion. And we’ll be telling you more about that in a later section.

Group E

Next are the Group E nations and their group odds.

Nations Odds
Spain 1.84
Germany 2.10
Japan 13.30
Costa Rica 44.00

Spain and Germany aren’t just favourites to qualify for the RO16, they’re also favourites to win the competition.

Group F

This group has a couple of particularly strong nations. We’ll mention more details with the odds.

Nations Odds
Belgium 1.54
Croatia 3.50
Morocco 10.50
Canada 12.60

The odds make it pretty easy to tell that Belgium and Croatia are the two likeliest nations to qualify from this group.

Group G

This group appears to have a clear winner but the battle for the second spot is going to be intense.

Nations Odds
Brazil 1.39
Switzerland 5.85
Serbia 7.05
Cameroon 14.50

Switzerland may have strong odds to be the second qualifying team in this group. But Serbia may turn up with a surprising win as well.

Group H

Despite the odds, this group is going to be a tough one to predict. But we’ll do our best.

Nations Odds
Portugal 1.64
Uruguay 3.00
Ghana 11.80
Republic of Korea 12.00

It may seem as though Portugal and Uruguay have the best chance to qualify. But Ghana has a few great talents and might come out as a dark horse in the group.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Winner Odds – Outrights

Betting odds for FIFA World Cup

We’ll start off this section by listing the outright odds for each nation to win the World Cup. If you’re interested in FIFA World Cup 2022 betting, you can find these odds on Betway. When you’re actually betting on the tournament, we recommend checking the latest odds since these may become outdated by then.

Another thing to remember is that these odds are just projections. You should make your bets by basing them on other criteria such as background research and team form.

Nation Odds Nation Odds
Brazil 4.90 Mexico 145.00
France 6.80 Poland 145.00
Argentina 7.30 Canada 155.00
England 7.80 Ecuador 195.00
Spain 8.75 Morocco 195.00
Germany 10.70 Wales 195.00
Netherlands 12.70 Japan 240.00
Belgium 16.50 Cameroon 250.00
Portugal 16.50 Ghana 250.00
Denmark 33.00 Qatar 250.00
Croatia 49.00 Republic of Korea 250.00
Uruguay 49.00 Australia 350.00
Senegal 79.00 Iran 475.00
Serbia 79.00 Tunisia 475.00
Switzerland 97.00 Costa Rica 725.00
USA 125.00 Saudi Arabia 725.00

Next, we’ll give you out top 5 picks for the nations that we believe have the best chances of winning. It is worth noting that our selections aren’t merely based on odds. We have taken into consideration individual player performance, team performance in other competitions, and many other factors.


This nation is second in the pecking order based on the odds. And the odds aren’t wrong. France has one of the most balanced teams in the world at the moment. The squad is right up there next to Brazil in terms of attack based plays.

France also has the two best players in the world at the moment; Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe. Benzema is the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner and Mbappe is a generational talent and neither players are to be messed with.

That’s not all. France this time around is being coached by the legendary Didier Deschamps. And with players like Griezmann, Dembele, and Coman, the nation this year definitely is a top pick.


The books have brazil down with the best odds of winning this edition of the tournament. And if your betting platform has the following the odds, you can’t really lose by betting on the South American Nation.

Brazil is potentially lining up the best attacking line up that have players in top form. Some of these players are Neymar Jr, Vinicious, Jesus, Raphinha, Antony, Martinelli, and so many more players that can wreak havoc on any other team.

The only reason we haven’t pegged Brazil as number 1 is because the it has a hole in the defence. We haven’t seen any modern day full backs and the players in the existing squad lack a bit of creativity.


This may come as a bit of a surprise to a few punters. But this FIFA World Cup 2022 betting depends on keeping track of the odds and the current odds for Netherlands to win are 12.70.

But the nation has the most in-form squad in the world. The Netherlands likely received worse odds due to a few players underperforming in club games. But when playing for the national team, these players turn into a different kind of beast altogether.

The squad is likely to have defensive pair ups like DeLigt and Van Dijk. It also has players like Nathan Ake, Timber, De Veji, and a sensational young talent, Gakpo.

The Netherlands might come out as a dark horse in this World Cup. And for World Cup betting, taking a chance with the national might surely turn out some winnings for you.


Argentina has been a favourite to win next to Brazil for plenty of years now. And it’s not surprising, with a world class talent like Lionel Messi. On a good day, he could win a match all on his own.

The squad has recent found a great rhythm and the young talented players have great link up. The squad will also feature experienced players like Di Maria, Papu Gomez, and Dybala.

The squad will also have an attacking line up consisting of the sensational young talent Julian Alvarez from Manchester City and Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. Lisandro Martinez and Cristian Romero are another aggressive duo to look out for in this World Cup.


The Belgium national team is going through a golden generation of players right now. All of these players are very experienced and it the settings are right, that team can beat in any other in the world.

Best midfielder in the world right now, Kevin De Bruyne alongside Lukaku is prepping for this World Cup for Belgium. The nations star, Eden Hazard has gone through a rough patch in club matches, but we’re expecting him to really shine in this competition.

There are also young talents in this squad like Doku who can run riots on the pitch. There are also a few underrated players like Tielemans and Trossard who are likely to steal the spotlight.

Best Betting Markets for the Group Stage

Betting on Group Stages

All bets are off starting November 20th, 2022. What we mean is that around that time, sportsbooks will begin to take bets on the FIFA World Cup fixtures.

First up we have the Group Stage. For the sake of the markets, we’ll explain the group stage format one more time. The basic concept is that a team can win, draw or lose. Winning means gaining 3 points, a draw means 1 point each, and a loss results in 0 points.

2 teams from each of the 8 groups will move on to the Round of 16 or the Knockout stages. So, the markets you’ll find for Group Stage betting can be of any range.

The only catch is that we didn’t include any double chance or 1×2 markets. That’s because the concept of home/ away wouldn’t apply for the venues in this World Cup 2022 betting. But as the competition draws closer, sportsbooks might find a creative way to incorporate the market.

Match Result

The match result is probably the most common football betting market you could find. It’s super easy and the concept is to just select a result for the match.

You can pick form a win, a loss, and a draw. There are a lot of side bets you could place with this one, but we won’t get into that for now.

So, let’s say we’re planning our betting strategies to start with the opening match. If you’re betting on the Qatar vs Ecuador match, you could bet on Qatar to either win or lose, or for the match to end in a draw.

You could alternatively bet the same for Ecuador and if your prediction is correct, you win the bet.

Over/ Under

This is a simple enough market. It eliminates the possibility of a draw, so it’s more popular for Knockout Stages rather than during the Group Stage. But some punters still enjoy it nonetheless.

The sportsbook will give a prediction regarding the total number of goals the game might end in. The objective is to predict whether the actual score will go over or under that.

Let’s take a look at the Group G match between Switzerland and Cameroon for this. The sportsbook might predict the match ends in 2.5 goals. You will win if you correctly predict whether the actual goals scored is over or under that.

Both Teams to Score

You can tell by the name what this market is all about. You need to be able to pick out a fixture where you think both teams will score.

This market can truly just apply to any match. Even if there is a clear underdog in a certain fixture, there’s always a chance the team might score at least one goal.

So, let’s say you’re betting on the fixture for Portugal vs Ghana in Group H. If both Portugal and Ghana score in the match, you win the bet. And if only one or neither teams score, you’ll end up losing the bet.

Best Betting Markets for the Knockout Stage

The knockout stages are also called the Round of 16. The initial 32 nations will be chopped down to 16 during the Group Stages to reach the Knockouts. The format for the Knockouts is determined by the FIFA Committee.

There will be 8 fixtures in this stage. So, that means 8 teams will qualify from the knockout stage. The only hitch in this stage of the competition is that there can be no more draws after this stage of the competition.

During the intense knockout stage, each team will have to face another team from a different group. And these fixtures are predetermined with no changes.

Draw no Bet

This bet is pretty simple to understand. There can only be 1 of 2 outcomes in this; either a win or a loss. The draw no bet market eliminates that possibility of a draw occurring. So, this is perfect for the Knockout Stages.

The draw no bet market is technically another side bet in the Match Result market. And depending on the sportsbook, it may be offered as an extension to the market.

As an example, let’s say that after the end of the Group Stages, there is a fixture between Portugal and Croatia. This is a hypothetical situation. Now, the game can’t end in a draw because the teams are playing the knockout stages.

So, you need to bet on Portugal to either win or lose, or vice versa. Whichever team you bet on needs to win for your bet to win.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap market is quite similar to the draw no bet market. The market itself was designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw. In this market, the two teams’ abilities are gauged and there is usually a clear underdog and a clear favourite to win.

The favourite is given a handicap which results in an automatic advantage to the underdog. The handicap is in the from of a lowered score. So, a team might receive a handicap of 1 or 2 goals.

So, lets say for example, a fixture was decided between France and Poland. We could say that Poland is the clear underdog here based on the past performance of the two teams.

For a handicap bet on this fixture, France will be given a handicap of 1 goal. That means France needs to score 2 more goals than Poland for you to win the fixture. If the game ends France 1 – 0 Poland, France wins the game, but you lose your bet.

So, for you to win, France would have to win by 2 goals if Poland had a nil score.

Over/ Under 2.5 and 3.5

We’ve mentioned the over/ under market in a previous section. This market doesn’t particularly eliminate the possibility of a draw. But it is still applicable for World Cup betting.

Here, the number of goals is already determined by the bookie. You might be asking why the number of goals is in decimal. This is for the bookie to avoid having the bet with you end in a draw.

If the bet says Over/ Under 2.5 goals, that means the actual score could be over 3 goals. This is actually a two-way market. The outcome of the bet could go either way.

Usually, punters tend to prefer selecting the “Over” market. That means if the bet is for Over/ Under 3.5 goals, the game needs to end in 4 goals or more for you to win the bet.

Again, let’s look at an example. For a fixture between Argentina and England, there is a high possibility that both teams will score. The question here is how many goals they might score collectively.

If you select the over 3.5 goals market, the game needs to end in 4 or more goals for you to win the bet. Funnily enough, it doesn’t matter which team wins the fixture in terms of your bet.

Best Betting Markets for Quarterfinals

Knockout stage betting FIFA world Cup 2022

The Quarterfinals have the same rules as the Knockouts. Of the 16 teams in the knockouts, 8 will make it to the Quarterfinals. Again, based on the predetermined fixture, there will be 4 matches between all the teams.

The regular betting markets will apply for the Quarterfinals except any of the ones that could conclude in a draw. There are a lot of creative ways that sportsbooks offer markets for a Quarterfinal of the FIFA World Cup 2022 betting.

So, we’ve decided to mention a few of the more interesting ones.

Half Time/ Full Time

This is a market that is particularly hard to win, but it can definitely up the ante for you. Here, you have to predict the result at the end of halftime and full-time.

So, for a fixture between Spain and France, you might have to predict which team would be ahead during halftime or if the scores would be even. And also the final result during full-time.

To Win from Behind

Just as the name suggests, for you to win this market, your chosen team needs to fall behind before winning. So, say you’ve bet on the Netherlands to win a fixture against Uruguay. The Netherlands would have to fall behind on the scoreline before winning for you to win the bet.

To Win Either Half

This one might sound complicated at first. You need to predict for a team to win either in the 1st or in the 2nd half. It wouldn’t matter which half as long as the team was ahead.

This is high intensity since in a fixture between two teams like England and Belgium, either team could be ahead at any point in the game.

Anytime Goal Scorer

This is a particularly fruitful market for players that are high scorers. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Lionel Messi might be favourites for this market. You just have to predict for a player to score at anytime during open play.

Best Betting Markets for Semi Finals

Similarly, to the Knockouts and the Quarterfinals, none of the matches in the Semis can end in a draw. 4 teams from the Quarterfinals will play the Semi Finals and 2 will go through to the glorious final. And here are some of the high-voltage markets that you can bet on in that stage.

To Win Both Halves

This is similar to the “Either halves” market but with one distinct difference. Your selected team needs to win in both halves. That means the team needs to be ahead at half time and also win by the end of full time.

So, in a fixture between Brazil and Argentina, if you bet on Brazil, the team needs to be ahead at half time and also win. That’s how you would win the bet.

To Win to Nil

FIFA World Cup 2022 betting gets riskier with bets like these. If you’re backing a team to win in this market, the team must win without scoring a goal.

An example would be backing Belgium to win against Netherlands. Tibo Courtois would have to keep a clean sheet in the match for you to win the bet.

First Goal Scorer

This is similar to the Anytime Goalscorer market but with a bit more intensity. You need to predict one certain player to score the opening goal in a match.

If it were us, we’d bet on a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to score the first goal in a match for Portugal. The catch is that he would also have to score ahead of the opponents.

Live Betting

Live betting is forever a great type of bet and that includes for FIFA World Cup 2022 betting. We mentioned in-play for the Semi Finals in World Cup but this is applicable for any stage of the competition really.

Finals: The Ultimate Showdown

FIFA World Cup Finals

The first ever FIFA World Cup was played back in 1930 and Uruguay was the champion for that edition. At the time, Jules Rimet, the FIFA president came up with the idea of creating a men’s football tournament.

We’ll include some interesting World Cup trivia in this section of our guide. Later on, we’ll go on to the details for this edition of the tournament.

One of the fun facts is that Brazil is so far, the only country to qualify for every single edition of the World Cup. Brazil also has the highest number of wins at 5 wins since the competition started in 1930.

The World Cup in 1942 was cancelled due to exigent circumstances during the host selection. And the one in 1946 was cancelled because FIFA was struggling to stay afloat with finances during the World War II.

Awards for the FIFA World Cup

There are a series of awards given out after the end of the FIFA World Cup to the best teams, players and coaches.  Betting is also applicable on some of these awards for the World Cup.

The Golden Boot is arguably the most prestigious award given out for the tournament. The award is given to the highest goal scorer of the tournament. Notable winners in previous editions were Harry Kane in 2018 and James Rodriguez in 2014.

There is also a Golden Ball award given to the best player of the competition. Goalkeepers are not left out as they get the chance to receive the Golden Glove. Thibaut Courtois was the winner of the Golden Glove in 2018.

Highlights from the FIFA World Cup History

Football is one of those sports that has the best fans and an amazing amount of sportsmanship shown by most players. There have been many moments that have gone down in history as noteworthy during an edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Germany is one of the nations with one of the best football histories including in the World Cup. The nation went into the 1998 World Cup bright eyed with lots of expectations. But the goliath of a nation ended up losing to Croatia, who had qualified for the first time for the World Cup during the quarter finals.

Another case of the underdogs winning was seen in 1990. Cameroon became the first African country to qualify and also won against the reigning champs, Argentina, to make it to the quarter finals.

There are many such instances of moments in the World Cup that no one saw coming. And you can expect to see a few of those in this edition too.

Venues 2022

We’ve mentioned earlier that the host selection for the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup came with some controversy. FIFA has been criticised on grounds of corruption scandals.

The host country Qatar has arranged for 8 venues during this edition of the World Cup across 5 of the host cities. All of the matches played in this World Cup will be played in stadiums that are withing a 20 mile radius of the centre of Doha except for 9.

The 9 matches played in the Al Bayt stadium, including the opening match for Qatar vs Uruguay, are to be held in Al Khor.

The highest number of matches, at 10, will be held in Lusail Iconic Stadium. Qatar prepared 7 new stadiums to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. And the last of the 7 stadiums was Stadium 947, which was previously known as Ras Abu Aboud. This stadium will host 7 of the matches.

Groups A, B, E, and F will have matches hosted in the Al Bayt Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium and Ahman bin Ali Stadium,

And the matches for Groups C, D, G, and H are set to be held in the Lusail Iconic Stadium, Stadium 974, Education City Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium.

Training Grounds 2022

Each of the 32 national squads will use base camps during their stay in Qatar. There were talks of neighbouring countries hosting some of the matches to reduce political tension. But this was not taken any further.

Since most of the matches will be held around the centre of Doha, this is the first ever edition of the World Cup where players won’t need to take flights to their matches.

The Stage for the Final

The stage is set at the Lusail Iconic Stadium for the World Cup 2022 final. It’s definitely still too early to tell who might win. But it’s not too early for World Cup betting. You can line up your selections for November 20th, so you don’t miss even a minute of the action.

All Previous FIFA World Cup Winners

We’ve got a list of all the past winners of the World Cup in this section. The glorious champions were crowned for 21 editions with 2022 being the 22nd.

Year World Cup Champion Year World Cup Champion
2022 To be Decided 1978 Argentina
2018 France 1974 Germany
2014 Germany 1970 Brazil
2010 Spain 1966 England
2006 Italy 1962 Brazil
2002 Brazil 1958 Brazil
1998 France 1954 Germany
1994 Brazil 1950 Uruguay
1990 Germany 1938 Italy
1986 Argentina 1934 Italy
1986 Italy 1930 Uruguay

Tips for FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting

Betting tips for FIFA World CUP 2022

We’re dwindling down towards the end of all the details about the FIFA World Cup 2022 betting. Arguably, this time around, the tournament is going to be the most intense competition that we’ll see for a while. You’ll even see sparks flying during the World Cup Group Stages.

Each of the nations towards the top of the odds table are beasts of their own. And despite the odds, anything might happen.

Punters around the world are planning their betting strategies and tactics. There isn’t much time left to go but we do have a few tips that may help you out with your World Cup betting.

Background Research

Background research is one of the most important things when betting on any kind of sport. For FIFA World Cup, it means you’re betting on a tournament that last took place four years prior.

So, when you’re researching the tournament, you’re going to have to go back quite a while. But it’s actually more complicated than that. Football players might retire in between editions of the World Cup.

And the squad might change along with player performance as in each edition. When doing the research, you need to make sure you’ve covered all grounds. There are plenty of factors you need to take into consideration when performing your research.

National Team Performance

There are a lot of national and international tournaments that happen all year round that are played by the national team of each country. And these tournaments are the key to finding out the performance of a national team ahead of the World Cup.

The Nations League is one where two of the Play-offs nations qualify from outside of the traditional format. And keeping tabs on the qualifying teams can give you immense insight into the quality of performance you might see in the World Cup.

The Nations League is just one of the many played by each of the nations. You might even want to follow the high voltage matches as it gives an idea of how a certain team might perform against a rival.

For example, any Brazil vs Argentina match in any competition is going to see a lot of bets on it. And if you had followed the match for Argentina’s Copa America win against Brazil, it will give you a lot of insight into this fixture.

Individual Club Performance

Team performance and that of the individuals are just another extension of what you need to do research on. Since World Cup season rolls around every 4 years, as we already mentioned, a lot might change in the squad.

It is true that players underperforming in club football might have amazing transformations in the National Team. And Eden Hazard is one of the players carrying that expectation.

But on average, a player’s individual performance for his club may give you a lot of intuition regarding how he might perform in a big competition. You can figure out which player is in form and which player is likely to have good pace.

There is a higher pressure to perform for this edition of the World Cup on players who have been called up by their respective nations.

Past Year Statistics

Past year statistics don’t necessarily refer to the previous World Cup. Although even that might have some bearing on the results of this edition. For example, Kylian Mbappe of France gained his rise to fame during the World Cup 2018.

And even for this edition of the tournament, the generational talent has a lot of expectations on his shoulders. He has only improved and his stats throughout the years will tell you that.

But the thing you should put more focus on is team stats for the national team in other competitions. Club football statistics are also a good option to know about the performance of a certain player. Combining all of these with live stats provided by a good sportsbook might just be the secret recipe to success.

Injury Reports

We said earlier that a player like Lionel Messi can lead his team to a win on his own, on a good day. Well, there are plenty of other players just like him. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, and Karim Benzema are integral parts of their respective teams.

And players such as these getting injured right ahead of the big tournament might be devastating for the team. These are players that are critical to a national teams’ success.

You can’t just win by keeping tabs on the injured players though. You also need to know about potential injuries of a player. For example, N’Golo Kante of France is completely ruled out of the World Cup 2022 after having a hamstring injury operated on.

On the other hand, Dybala of Argentina isn’t ruled out but he is a doubt for the competition because of a hamstring injury.

Weather Conditions

Have we told you yet that the World Cup in Qatar was postponed due to the heat? Well, it was and the weather conditions throughout all competitions this year have played a huge role in contributing to match results.

The excessive heat means players will get exhausted much more easily. The conditions of the pitch might also be extremely dry and brittle.

But from the latest news given out by FIFA, match times have been set during the cooler periods of the day. And the season in Qatar at the time will be the beginnings of winter.

Although the heat does not appear to be an issue, we still recommend keeping the smallest of details in mind. Even a slight change in match conditions might cause a drastic difference in the results.

Trust Your Gut

Our last word of advice is to trust your gut. A lot of guides out there will tell you a lot of different things. And the odds for a certain market might seem just perfect for FIFA World Cup 2022 betting.

But don’t blindly trust the odds. You need to do a lot more research into the other factors surrounding a game. If you’ve been FIFA World Cup betting for a while, you might just want to go with your instincts.

No tip will ever guarantee you a win. You need to understand that sports betting is meant to be a fun activity. So, keep that in mind when you’re betting on World Cup matches.


We’ll conclude with a short FAQ section. Here we’ve answered a few of the most commonly asked questions about FIFA World Cup 2022 betting.

How Does the 2022 World Cup Playoffs Work?

There is a traditional method through which nations qualify for the World Cup. But other than that, the two best group winners from the Nations League also qualify to make the total number of teams 12.

For the World Cup Playoffs, these 12 teams are drawn into 3 separate paths for the one-legged semi finals and finals. From there, the 3 winners make it to the World Cup.

Can I Bet Live In-Play on the 2022 World Cup?

Yes, you can certainly bet live on the 2022 World Cup. Before the beginning of a match, sportsbook will publish live market odds and you can bet once the match is underway.

Live betting is actually one of the most popular types of bets people enjoy during World Cup betting. In-play bets might be most intensely played during the knock out stages and punters can bet during the entire 90 minutes.

Can I Bet on a Team NOT to Win the World Cup?

There aren’t any particular markets that we know of to place a bet for a team not to win. The market is unceremoniously similar to betting on a team TO win.

However, depending on the sportsbook, there may be a market for a certain team to get eliminated in the knockout stages.

Who are the Favourites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

The favourites to win in the FIFA World Cup 2022  betting based on the odds in this edition is Brazil. The outright odds for Brazil posted by Betway are 4.90 to win the tournament.

But you and we both know, this tournament is one of immense intensity and anything can happen. France, Argentina, and England are also among the other favourites to in.

Has the World Cup Been Played in an Arab Nation Ever Before?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is an unprecedented event since this is the first time the tournament is being played in the Arab world. There was a lot of controversy regarding the selection of the host for this edition.

This is also the second ever World Cup to be played in all of Asia.

Published: November 2022

By: Jarin

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