Argentina to Take the World Cup 2022 Title

19 Nov 2022FIFA World Cup
Argentina to Take the World Cup 2022 Title

As the World Cup 2022 is right around the corner, people are constantly getting into debates about who’s going to take the title this 2022. However, EA Sports have predicted Argentina to be taking the title for the third time ever since 1986! 

Even though the Argentine supporters are quite excited about it, considering the last predictions by EA sports turned out to be true. Keeping that in mind online casinos have already started to put in different betting options for the punters to choose from and bet on their favourites. 

How does the Algorithm Work? 

EA Sports FIFA 22

EA Sports develop FIFA video games and use match simulations to predict the winner of the upcoming World Cup. Similarly, they have used FIFA 2023 to simulate the tournament and figured out the winner of the Qatar World Cup without having a single ball kicked yet. 

The games are designed with a stat distribution for every single player. This is based on the player’s performance and condition in the current season. That’s why EA is able to generate simulations that are accurate. The FIFA games are as close to a virtual reality simulation where the players’ skills and strengths are translated digitally.

They did this for the last World Cup as well. And while it turned out to be true, keep in mind that this is only a simulation. In real life, anything can happen. So take this prediction with a grain of salt.

According to their algorithm, Argentina is going to take the trophy home. So, without any further delays, check out the odds immediately and place your bets smart! 

Previous Predictions by EA Sports 

EA sports have also predicted winners using the same algorithm and picked winners over the past years. And the interesting part is, the predictions for the last three World Cups in a row turned out to be true. All the predicted teams in the last three tournaments took the trophy home.  

Therefore, there is quite a high possibility of this year’s prediction of turning out true. The predictions for previous World Cup Winners were France, Germany, and Spain for 2018, 2014, and 2018 respectively. 

And because the results have been true for three World Cups straight, punters are betting on the chance that Argentina just might take the trophy. And we all know how the odds are going to look when FIFA World Cup betting starts.

Predictions for Qatar World Cup 2022

Argentina World Cup 2022

EA sports have simulated all the qualified 64 countries for the forthcoming World Cup starting in November 2022 in Qatar. And the results showed Argentina will win the World Cup 2022 title by scoring against Brazil. 

According to the EA sports simulator Brazil, France, Argentina, and Germany will qualify for the semifinals. Where Argentina will defeat France and move up to the quarter-finals where they will face the highest World Cup title holder, Brazil. 

It is said that Argentina will defeat Brazil by one goal and take the trophy home. And the trophy-winning goal against Brazil is going to be scored by none other than the GOAT himself! 

That’s right Lionel Messi. After a tough competition between Brazil and Argentina, the score at the end of the match will be 0-1, announcing Argentina as the winner. 

The entire nation will be sent into euphoria with the eighth and final goal of the tournament by Lionel Messi. With such an amazing performance throughout the tournament, he will be led to his 6th Golden Boot and 2nd Golden Ball award since 2014. 

Final Verdict on the Winning Team 

If the prediction by EA sports turns out true for this tournament, it will be a fairytale finish for Argentine supporters all across the globe. As so far all their predictions have come true let’s have our hopes high and fingers crossed! 

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