How to win at slots in 2022: Best 5 tips to improve your odds

18 Nov 2022Casino
How to win at slots in 2022: Best 5 tips to improve your odds

Slot machines are one of the oldest and most popular casino games. They date back to 1891 when Sittman and Pitt, two New Yorkers, created the first slot machine, the precursor to the modern ones. An invention that marked the gaming market and persists today at both land-based and online casinos. 

Slots are attracting the interest of many players from all over the world. Every day these enticing casino games incarnate the object of customer demand. 

Thanks to modern technology, slot fans can enjoy their favourite games online. Many gaming providers have paid attention to providing online gamblers with the best slots quality to fit their expectations better. Yet, learning how to win at slots is a tricky task. These games are renowned for being entirely random, so only the association of luck and some intelligent strategies can help you win big in these tempting casino games.


If you are consulting this article, you are potentially looking for tips to learn how to win big on slots. Certainly, like other games, there are some tricks that you need to learn about slots to improve your chances of winning. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways and tips to maximise your slot’s potential.


How do slot Machines work? 

Certainly, to learn strategies about how to win big at slot machines, you should first know how they work. İf we summarise slot machine logic, we can remind that it consists of spinning the reels with the hope of matching symbols along the different paylines.


Slot machines generally contain three or more reels that include several symbols. While land-based casinos’ slot machines may have about twenty or more symbols per reel, online casinos’ slot machines may have many more virtual symbols, allowing millions of combinations.  


Paylines result from the symbols’ combinations that payout when you bet on them.


There are many different kinds of slot machines, and their digital version is almost close to the physical one. Let’s delve into different online slots that are available in online casinos. İt is not possible to discuss strategies before presenting the various kinds of slots in online casinos. 


Types of online slots 

  • Progressive Slots: They contain massive jackpot prizes. They involve various reels, paylines, high house edges and wagering limits. Consequently, you are required to play with maximal coin values. Typically referring to its name, the progressive slot progresses by keeping the collected money rising until the player hits the jackpot reward. At this point, the prize resets to a specific value and starts moving again.


  • Video Slots : They can be considered a combination of multi-payline and classic slots. They have various reels and paylines. Their uniqueness appears in their attractive design, including graphics, animations and soundtracks. They are generally associated with extra free spins or bonus rounds offered by online casinos to maximise winning chances. 


  • Three Reel Classics: They represent the broadest slot games, including low, moderate, and high volatilities. This slot offers less than ten paylines and at least three reels. Even though its symbol number is minimal, offering players the possibility to wager from 0.05 per spin, they remain enjoyable with their unique graphics.


  • Multi-Payline and Multi-Reel: They can be defined as the opposite of classic slots containing more reels, symbols and paylines. Some of the slot games of this type offer the possibility of reward in both ways (from right to left and from left to right). These slots are often associated with rewards and extra free spins offered by many online casino games. 


Top five tips for online slots 

Undoubtedly, slots are almost entirely down to luck. Even though every player has the same odds of winning, there are some strategies involved that should be kept in mind. 


The first essential tip you need to consider before you put your money in is to get complete information about the game. That is one of the most indispensable strategies for all casino games. You should figure out the odds, the cost per play, the return to the player and the paylines to adjust your decision accordingly. For this reason, looking for pay tables that explain every detail you need to know before starting your adventure is highly recommended. 

Here we enumerate the best tips to help you learn how to win at slots. 


1. Choose your online slot game carefully

 As we have demonstrated above, there exist many types and names of online slots. As no two slot machines are ever the same, they are different in many aspects, including symbols, themes and soundtracks. İn addition, every slot has a different Return to Player (RTP) rate, so checking the RTP % before starting to play is crucial. İn the same context, the choice of your online slot should depend on its pay table. As pay tables vary from one slot to another, you should study them carefully. You will know what each symbol is worth and which are most profitable.

The choice of your online slot should consider whether it contains wild symbols and scatters or not, information that exists in pay tables. 

2. Benefit from bonuses

Many online casinos offer extra rewards, free spins and bonus rounds. You should know how to benefit from these chances to get used to your slot game. Bonuses allow you to get to know all the secret quirks of the game. Remember that playing a slot with bonus rounds is a great way to practice your skills. İn addition, free spins offer you the opportunity to enhance your chances of winning real money.

3. Learn which online slots are more profitable

Learning more about online slots is a good idea if you are a beginner and want to win money as easily as possible. Figure out which slot machines have greater RTPs than others because this implies that the house advantage is lower. This can help you maximise your winning chances even though it is far from guaranteed. Before choosing an online slot game, you should consider random number generators because every spin of the reels represents a unique event.

As succeeding in a slot game is independent of the time you spend, you should do better to learn more details about it rather than wasting your time in vain. Note that the Random Number Generator ensures that every player has an equal chance of winning with each spin, no matter the number of attempts. 


4. Stick your budget

One of the most essential tips to succeed in slot games is related to your budget control. Before you start spinning, you should set your budget carefully. Only start spinning reels with some of your budget. Use good strategies by controlling your budget progressively depending on how familiar you become with the game. Many online players fall into the trap of wasting their budget without any strategy, which may be misleading. 


5. Control your bets over time

The excitement of joining an online casino can lead players to swing for the fences with big bets. However, the best strategy you can use in the slots is making smaller bets and increasing them gradually.

İt is probably not exciting to start with small bets, but it is a great strategy that enhances your winning chances when you increase your amounts over time. Especially if you are a beginner, it is better to spread your play over time and practice instead of blowing all your money at once. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I play the best online slots? 

Betfinal online casino
Betfinal online casino

Today many available online platforms offer slot fans a plethora of slot games. Betfinal is a concrete example of an online casino that pays attention to providing its online players with the best quality and the latest versions of online slots from the most prestigious gaming providers. Majestic king, Wild West Gold, Juicy fruits and Buffalo King Megaways are examples of the online slots preferred by Betfinal’s loyal players. 



How do we rate online slot games?


Many criteria are included in rating the quality and profitability of online slot games. Checking the gaming provider’s prestige and reputation is essential. For example, Play’n Go, Evolution and Pragmatic Play are the best examples of gaming providers in the market. Another criterion you should check is whether the slot game is associated with free spins and bonuses. Progressive jackpots are also a relevant criterion for rating an online slot game, as they allow players to change sums of money progressively. 


What is the best slot for beginners? 

İf you are a novice in online slots, you should start with classic slots. They are the simplest slot types you can ever play, including limited reels and paylines. They allow online players to play with small amounts, which helps beginners to reduce the risks of losses.

Published: November 2022

By: Sarah

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How to win at slots in 2022 Best 5 tips to improve your odds

Slot machines are one of the oldest and most popular casino games. They date back to 1891 when Sittman and Pitt, t...

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