Everything about Monopoly Live Casino at betfinal 2022

15 Oct 2022Casino
Everything about Monopoly Live Casino at betfinal 2022

In recent years, online casino games have come a long way and live dealer games are certainly a part of that. While it may not cross your mind every time you visit a live casino, Monopoly live is an extremely enjoyable game! Keep on reading this Betfinal 2022 Live Monopoly online guide if you’re new to the game. 


If we have to track the history of Monopoly back, it surprisingly takes us back to the middle east. Countries like Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. have been playing their versions of this game for centuries! However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this game’s popularity.


Monopoly has penetrated across all borders. Something no other board game can claim. In this post, we’re going to look at how this live casino game  works, how the Live Monopoly wheel works, as well as how Betfinal can help you win real money from this game. 


As our test subject, we’ve chosen Live Monopoly by Evolution Gaming. Evolution is the biggest name when it comes to the “live dealer” genre and Live Monopoly is one of its finest creations to date. If you don’t believe us, just check out Lightning Blackjack. It utilizes a unique blend of real human touch as well as computer animation. 


The ancient property strategic game has been a paramount backdrop to an enormous number of casino games over the years. 

Evolution Gaming has marked its unique place with its latest offering MONOPOLY Live casino. This game does not represent a simple board game but much more. Despite the growing number of Monopoly live casino games, it remains one of the best games that Evolution Gaming has ever provided for online gamblers throughout all time. 

Monopoly Live


What is Monopoly Live Casino? 


Certainly, you have at least a slight idea about Monopoly and if you had already played it before, you should have a minor expectation about what a Monopoly live casino game might look like. 


However, you should also keep in mind that this time Monopoly live casino involves some key twists for fans of the board game original with the famous Mister Monopoly. Monopoly live game dominates today the İgaming world with its one-off version characteristics.


As usually expected from all Evolution Gaming catalogues, the Monopoly game online at betfinal 2022 is a live-streaming game associated with an attractive bonus. It also boasts a substantial return to its players with a payout percentage of 96.23%.


With the presence of a live dealer who interacts in real-time with players in a very exciting manner, Monopoly live casino is steadily becoming a fan favourite with online casino players.


İf you too feel excited to live once again the nostalgia of your childhood memories or those crazy nights with friends but in an online version, you can simply log in. Start playing at any time you wish and get direct access to the unique Monopoly-themed wheel, where winning may be only a spin away.. 


Live Monopoly online by Evolution Gaming


Evolution Gaming: Principal provider of Monopoly Live Casino

Monopoly Live casino has been created by one of the most famous live games providers, Evolution Gaming.. The game was designed back in 2019 in a live format to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the real monopoly atmosphere. Inspired by the widely desired Monopoly board game, Evolution Gaming has created its online live version, Monopoly Live Casino. 


Collaborating with Hasbro, which specializes in the production of many popular board games, Evolution Gaming has invented Monopoly Live Casino in its online show version with the highest quality of graphics and the funniest online show environment. 


Certainly, The decision of Evolution Gaming to adopt one of the most loved board games of all time has proven to be a huge success for all online casinos that provide it.


Features of Monopoly Live online at betfinal 2022


As a unique variant of the widely popular MONOPOLY board game, this live game is based on simple but very appealing features. It includes not only the presence of the famous board that indicates streets, roads, and specific boxes but it also integrates a wheel of fortune with a real human dealer and Mr. Monopoly, the animated model. The overall design has been created in a way to evokes a sense of real exciting casino life.  


Monopoly live casino offers its online gamblers the chance to bet on the live monopoly wheel stopping on a certain number. This wheel involves ‘chance’ segments realized for instant cash wins and multipliers. 


Monopoly Live casino incorporates ‘2 rolls’ and ‘4 rolls’ segments as well. These segments activate the famous 3D Bonus that characterizes the Monopoly Live game which revolves around Mr. MONOPOLY’s attractive adventure. The unique betfinal bonus that Monopoly Live Casino provides to its fans will be further developed in the following section.


Based on a live game show conducted by a real live dealer, live monopoly online represents a live host who spins a wide monopoly money wheel.  


Consequently, online monopoly live contains two main parts. The first part consists of the dealer’s money wheel spinning which determines the winning chance depending on its stop point. The second part consists of the bonus rounds that are opened by Mr. Monopoly. The atmosphere remains great in this part too with its stunning graphics and especially with its earnings that are doubled by 500X player’s bet value.


How to play Online Monopoly at Live Casino

Monopoly live casino invites online players to bet on the result of a vertical prize wheel. It represents the best live game that spoils its players with unique bonuses. For this reason, learning to play it is of big importance to maximize chances of gains. 

Like Vegas Star Prize Wheels, the dealer spins the wheel and everything starts with where the arrow points. So, basically, to start playing, you should place your chips where you expect the wheel to stop. 

You will see 6 options (1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rolls, 4 rolls ) on the wheel that you can bet on and an additional chance segment as follows:


   Segment Number of segments


1 Gray color 22

2 Green color 15

5 Pink color 7

10 Blue color 4

2 Rolls 3

4 Rolls 1

Chance 2


Note that while 1, 2, 5, and 10 bets would multiply the player’s stake by face value both 2 rolls and 4 rolls would begin the bonus game of Monopoly Live. 

As its name indicates, the chance segment would provide a multiplier or a cash reward. 

Once you get lucky and watch the wheel on 2 rolls or 4 rolls your bonus game starts and multiplier prizes start to be collected by Mr. Moneybags. Depending on the result of a two-dice roll, the number of moves that Mr. Moneybags differs. Players get extra rolls in the event of doubles, which offers them other chances to gain multipliers. 


To sum up, once you get to play Monopoly live online you need to place a bet among 6 available wagering alternatives and then you should spin the wheel. Within approximately 12 seconds you will have to place your bets. At that time you would notice that the online betting board will disappear and here the dealer will spin the wheel. 


Finally, at the show-up step, you can see if the wheel stops on the number that you had bet on you will gain immediately. By contrast, if it stops on bonus rounds you can enjoy watching Mr. Monopoly standing and lifting his hat to felicitate you. 


Play Monopoly Live at Betfinal 2022

Well known for its high-quality services and its up-to-date offers, casino has been one of the first online casinos that have provided Monopoly Live casino to its players. 

Betfinal online casino nowadays is widely considered the most preferred destination for Monopoly Live Casino fans. If you are a fan already of Monopoly live, you may want to check out a variant known as Dream Catcher, available on


Simply visit the Live casino games page and choose your favorite live show game, Monopoly Live Casino and start spinning the wheel of the exciting new game of Monopoly Live. Such an innovative game has made many of Betfinal’s players happier than ever. 


Go ahead, get into it and find your ‘chance segment’ and you will be immediately rewarded with an instant win or unlimited multipliers after the dealer spins the live monopoly wheel at Betfinal Monopoly Live Casino. You will fall in love with both Betfinal online Casino and Monopoly Live game! 

Live Monopoly stats Odds and RTP

Certainly, besides beginners, the fans of Monopoly Online casino might wonder about the payouts and odds as well as the monopoly stats of all options that Monopoly online suggests. As well known, Monopoly Wheel includes 54 boxes which involve 7 options, here we present for you the live monopoly stats : 


Segment/Betting Option Odds/Chances of winning


Number 1 40.74%

Number 2 27.77%

Number 5 12.96%

Number 10 7.41%

2 Rolls 5.55%

4 Rolls 1.85%

Chance 3.70%

The presented explanation above demonstrates that while the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 offer players profits of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x, the 2-roll and 4-roll options offer bonus rounds with low win odds and high payouts. However, chance offers players another possibility to spin the will once again. 


Monopoly Live special bonuses


Monopoly Live special bonuses
Monopoly Live special bonuses

Clearly, as in many other board games, the RTP of Monopoly Live Casino is mainly dependent on the bet the player chooses before the money wheel. The segments of Monopoly’s wheel are conceptualized as the same size. Consequently, the multiplier bonus of each of these segments can be obviously seen. A lucky Monopoly Live casino player is easily apt to win millions of instant cash during only a single round! 




Lucky players would join Mr. Monopoly in a 3D augmented reality world once the bonus game is activated. This invites them to a 3D Monopoly board, where they can begin to move through a closer board game. Here The online gamer can notice a pair of dice that he can roll to determine his movement around the board associated with elements such as passing GO, houses, and jails, all ready to play their part.


In summary, once the popular 3D bonus round is activated, the qualified online gamer joins Mr. MONOPOLY. When he starts his augmented reality 3D Monopoly adventure and steps around the 3D MONOPOLY board, the lucky player collects appealing prizes and multipliers.


One of the best features of this game is its generous prizes and special bonuses. Indeed, even though only eligible players can compete in the bonus game throughout the Online Monopoly game, less lucky players still can observe the action unfolding and they can have the opportunity to rack up some wins from the bonus game.

Monopoly Live Casino Strategy

Generally, online gamers wonder whether there are any strategies to maximize their chances of winning at Monopoly Live Casino or not. 

Seemingly to every casino game Monopoly Live remains a chance game widely based on luck. However, keep in mind that the more you get familiarized with, the more you can develop simple strategies that contribute to multiplying your chances. 


For This reason, the main strategy, get practice at Betfinal Monopoly Live Casino to gain experience and self-confidence before becoming an expert on it. 


As explained above, the 2-roll and 4-roll are great betting segments that offer a substantial opportunity for gain so it is quite important to bet on them. Investment is also very important here because the bonus round can pay out multipliers of thousands. 


Even though you might leave it totally to chance, you might at least keep in mind the importance of having a minimum of wager on the 2 roll options to maximize your chance to win. 

Furthermore, you can benefit from the following strategies :


Number 1 and Rolls: This strategy can be summarized by placing bets on the number 1 and the 2 rolls segments. After a few rounds, you should slowly increase your bets on the rolls.  


Number 10 and Rolls Progressive: This one is similar to the previous one where you profit by betting on the number 10 and the 2 bonus segments.


Number 2 and 2 Rolls: For this strategy, you’re effectively betting on the number 2 and the 2 rolls segments.

Martingale: You choose a single number only for each bet. The idea here is to double down after a loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Online Monopoly

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

It is possible to join monopoly live games right now, from your home or wherever you are as well as whenever you wish. Thanks to the high quality of Evolution Gaming, you can join this game from any online casino that provides it. In this context, represents an excellent example of the best destination to enjoy playing online live monopoly. Join the online casino and start enjoying the attractive show of this online game and win with real money. 

Can I play Monopoly online for real money?

Certainly. Monopoly Live Casino games are well known for their incredible winning chances and especially their special bonuses. If you feel ready to win real money then monopoly live casino is one of the best casino games that offer the maximum winning chances.

Why should I play Monopoly Live at Betfinal 2022?

From its occurrence in the live casino games scene, live Monopoly online games have been an attractive goal of betfinal casino. Betfinal has provided its players with a Monopoly Live casino from its beginning and paid big attention to associating it with appealing awards to its fans. So if you want to maximize your winning and awards chances, Betfinal is obviously the best online casino destination.


How to win Monopoly live?

Now you wonder about the best strategy to win with this unique version by Evolution gaming.

Simple! as every new version of an online game requires, you should read the review of its rules and strategies. Above, Our experts have explained every detail related to this live game.  You should read it carefully before initiating your adventure. This is the very basic strategy to maxımize your winnings. 


Published:  October 2022

By:  Sarah

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