Cash or Crash Live game Guide 2022

24 Nov 2022Casino
Cash or Crash Live game Guide 2022

Cash or Crash Live is a recent unique live game show produced by Evolution Gaming. İt is nowadays a trendy online casino game attracting many players. 

İt is mainly a ball drawing game, and İt consists of a ball flying over an enormous city. The player should bring the airship as far as possible without breaking down, and an intimate flight captain accompanies the player throughout his gaming course. 

İt offers a particular thrill to the players by allowing them to be the decision-maker in each stage. A very high-profit value characterizes this live game. Consequently, the Cash or Crash strategy becomes simple once the player understands the game’s logic. İt becomes a profitable casino game, once the player understands its rules. İndeed, practice and experience are the basic principles to maximize chances to big win at any live game.


Moreover, the game comes with an elaborate design and artistic lights that give players the pleasure of watching and a new exciting gaming experience. 

This is not uncommon from such a prestigious gaming provider; Evolution Gaming represents the same company that offers its loyal customers the most incredible live casino games, such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and Deal or No Deal. 


How does Cash or Crash work?

live game
live game


The basic idea of the game is a blimp cruising high above the skies and rising to levels from 1 to 20. The player must predict the ball that will be drawn in the next round as it determines whether the balloon will rise to the next level or crash. The more correct your predictions, the higher the balloon will rise to a higher level, and you will achieve the highest potential profits.

The game contains a drawing machine, and a large glass ball with several coloured balls. İt is accompanied by a presenter who usually dresses like a pilot and animates the game, giving a greater character to the live game.


How to play Cash or Crash at an online casino?


The basic principle of playing cash or crush is very simple, as the game consists of a large glass ball containing green, red and golden balls. The method of drawing the balls is similar to the game of Bingo.


1- The game starts with players placing their bets. Each player decides the amount he wants to bet, and the winnings depend on the amount of the bet he sets.

2- The balls start spinning inside the machine that chooses one ball. If the ball is green, the game continues to the second level, in which the profits increase, but if the ball is red, the game ends and is repeated from the beginning. If the ball is golden, it moves to the next level in addition to double the profits, and the players gain a shield that protects them in the next round if a red ball is picked.

3- The player can leave the game at any time; they can cash out half of the winnings or all the winnings or continue playing all the way to the end.


Cash or Crash Statistics

Every player can control the statistics of the game by looking at its screen every moment he needs. All the statistics of the previous Cash or Crash live rounds are displayed on the screen. 

Cash or Crash screen includes: 


  • A green circle with a number showing the level reached in that round. 


  • A red circle indicating that every player lost that round, and the casino took all. 


  • A golden shield with a number indicating that the level reached on the prize ladder.


The Cash or Crash Live lets players see the game’s data in real time. İt offers a Return to Player (RTP) of up to 99.59%. Consequently, the player can benefit from a maximum win potential of up to 50.000 times his stake. 


Cash or Crash live Odds:


Cash or Crash is one of the most generous games, as it guarantees players high profits whenever they rise in level and the possibility of withdrawing half of the profits and continuing to play with the remaining half or withdrawing all profits and stopping playing. This live game has a set of classifications in terms of potential profits in each of the cases, which we will show in the following table:




20 18.000x 50.000x
19 6.800x 11.000x
18 2.900x 4.000x
17 1.200x 1.500x
16 550x 760x
15 310x 360x
14 160x 175x
13 95x 105x
12 54x 62x
11 33x 36x
10 21.5x 24x
9 15x 16x
8 10x 10.5x
7 7.1x 8x
6 5x 5.6x
5 3.6x 4x
4 2.7x 3.1x
3 2x 2.2x
2 1.6x 1.7x
1 1.2x 1.2x


Player’s options at Cash or Crash live casino game 


In Cash or Crash, the player is the decision-maker in the game course. In the following lines, we will explain the decisions that the player can make and the meaning of each decision:


Each time a Green ball is drawn, the player has three options:

1- Continue: this means that the player decided to continue playing with 100% of his potential winnings.

2- The half: means that the player chose to cash out 50% of his potential winnings and wants to continue playing with the remaining 50%.

3- Take all: this means that the player decided to cash out all his winnings and wants to stop playing.


Each time a Golden ball is drawn, It gives the following features:

It provides all the players with a shield that protects them until the next red ball is drawn. It also multiplies all the payouts on the ladder if the next drawn ball is green.

When a golden ball is drawn, the game enters a quick mode where the machine starts drawing balls until a red ball is drawn. During the fast method, players only have to choose if a red ball is drawn.


Each time a Red ball is drawn, if you have an active shield, this shield will break, and you will continue playing at the same level on the paytable.

If you don’t have an active shield, drawing a red ball is bad news, as it will end the round.


Cash or Crash strategy

cash or crash strategy
cash or crash strategy


The most common strategy in Cash or Crash is the strategy developed by Evolution Gaming itself. Players should follow the percentage probability of getting red or green balls (it looks like two blimps on either side of the ladder). As in the beginning, there are more green balls than red balls, whenever a green ball is drawn, the chances of drawing green balls in the next round keep decreasing. 

So you must continue getting the green balls until the 9th level and stop. If you get a golden ball at this level, you can continue bringing the balls until you get a red ball and stop. However this strategy seems the most logical, but it certainly will not help you to get the highest profit in the game. 


Frequently asked questions

Where can İ play Cash or Crash live?

betfinal online casino
betfinal online casino


You can find Cash or Crash live on online casino, one of the leading sites providing every new and distinctive game in the online casino game market. It offers all top-rated games as soon as they are released, which are distinguished by quality and guarantee players an entertaining high-level, exciting game experience and high-value profits.


What are Cash or Crash tips? 

As with every live game available at any online casino, the best tip to win is to get a strategy in your mind. Players should secure a profit strategy by cashing out as soon as the green ball has been drawn. This tip resonates with the strategy offered by the game’s provider on their official site.  For more information about the best tips and strategies to play casino games, please visit our concerned article. 


What is Cash or Crash biggest win?

The biggest win you can reach is 50,000 times your stake. You realize it when you succeed in reaching the top of the ladder. Once you reach the top of the pay scale in the game, you earn a golden ball, the biggest reward at cash or cash live game. 


How many balls are in Cash or Crash?

The game includes 28 balls. This comprises nineteen green balls, eight red balls and one golden ball.

The green balls are the “good news”, while the red balls are the “bad news”, and the golden ball is the “best news”.


What is cash or crash strategy? 

The first and best strategy to win cash or cash, as in every other online casino game, is to understand the game’s primary goal very well. Cash or Crash live game aims to climb as far up the 20-step paytable as possible. To climb up, you need to draw green balls from the ball drawing machine, and one red ball can end the game, and the golden ball gives you an extra life. İndeed, gaining maximum practice and experience is the real crash or crash strategy.


Published: November 2022

By: Sarah

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