European Football Betting UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Draw 2022

2 Nov 2022Football
European Football Betting UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Draw 2022

The UEFA Champions League is arguably one of the most viewed football competitions around the world. And due to certain relegations in the past couple of years, the UEFA Europa League has garnered just as much attention.

With FC Barcelona, one of the goliaths of Spanish football, being relegated to the UEFA Europa League, we’re sure you’re all curious about the tournament. And in this article, we’ve detailed all of the details for the draws for the RO16 in both competitions.  

UEFA Champions League Draw 2022

UEFA Champions League

This competition is played in the same format as tournaments like the World Cup with one crucial difference. There are two separate legs of a match in every stage after the Round of 16 in the Champions League.

To qualify for the group stages, clubs must be among the top four of the point table of each respective domestic league. So, for example, if the clubs are of Spanish origin, they would have to end their La Liga season in one of the top four places of the point table.

The UEFA Champions League draw is done for both the Group Stage and the Round of 16. At this point in time, the Group Stages are over and the draws have just been concluded for the Round of 16. The fixtures are as follows:

  •       Paris Saint Germain vs Bayern Munich
  •       AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspurs
  •       Club Brugge vs Benfica
  •       Borussia Dortmund vs Chelsea
  •       Liverpool vs Real Madrid
  •       Frankfurt vs Napoli
  •       Inter Milan vs Porto
  •       Manchester City vs RB Leipzig

Each of these fixtures will be played in 2 legs. And the teams will be cut down to 8 for the Quarter Finals.

A couple of interesting tidbits about this season of the UEFA Champions League is that FC Barcelona failed to qualify. Last season as well, Barcelona was relegated to the UEFA Europa League and lost the Finals to Frankfurt, who has ironically qualified for this season of the UEFA Champions League.

Champions League Outright Odds

Once the Champions League resumes after the international break, it won’t take too long for the intense competition to produce a winner. So, we’ve decided to give you the odds for outright winners of the Champions League from Betfinal:

Club Odds
Manchester City 2.63
Bayern Munich 7.50
Paris Saint-Germain 9.50
Liverpool FC 10.00
Real Madrid 13.00
SSC Napoli 13.00
Chelsea FC 15.00
Tottenham Hotspur 17.00
Benfica Lisbon 23.00
Inter Milan 34.00
AC Milan 46.00
Borussia Dortmund 51.00
FC Porto 71.00
Eintracht Frankfurt 101.00
RB Leipzig 101.00
Club Brugge 151.00


Based on the odds, it’s evident that Manchester City has the best odds of winning the UEFA Champions League. But Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Chelsea are all goliath clubs. And since the Round of 16 is still quite a time away, there is a chance these odds will fluctuate.

UEFA Europa League Draw 2022

Europa League

The format for the Europa League is the same as the Champions League for most of the rounds. The qualification procedure for the Group Stages is quite complicated and has a lot of nuances.

To initially qualify for the Europa League, each club must be in one of the top 4 positions of their domestic Cup Competitions. Again, the teams in the fifth position of the domestic qualifiers for the UEFA Champions League will also be playing in the Europa League.

And from each group of the UEFA Champions League, the teams placing 3rd will be relegated to the UEL. In 2022, FC Barcelona, a team otherwise known to be at the top placed third in its UEFA Champions League Group. The other teams in the Group were Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Viktoria Plzen.

Milan and Bayern were the two clubs that qualified for the UEFA Champions League. And this is the second time in a row that FC Barcelona has been relegated from UEFA Champions League.

Last season, Barcelona faced off in the UEL finals against Frankfurt and lost. This season, however, there won’t be a repeat of history since Frankfurt successfully qualified for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

The fixtures for the UEFA Europa League are below:

  •       Barcelona vs Manchester United
  •       Juventus vs Nantes
  •       Sporting CP vs Midtjylland
  •       Shakhtar Donetsk vs Rennes
  •       Salzburg vs Roma
  •       Sevilla vs PSV
  •       Ajax vs Union Berlin
  •       Leverkusen vs Monaco

Another interesting fact about this UEFA Champions League is that Cristiano Ronaldo might face his former rival team when Manchester United faces off against Barcelona. This one is set to be an interesting battle.

Europa League Outright Odds

This section will be for the Europa League odds. It appears as though the competition has seen a slight rise in popularity over the past few seasons. So, we have also provided outright odds for the winner of the tournament:

Club Odds
Arsenal 5.00
FC Barcelona 5.50
Manchester United 9.00
AFC Ajax 13.00
Juventus FC 13.00
Real Betis 15.00
Real Sociedad 15.00
AS Roma 19.00
SC Freiburg 19.00
Sevilla FC 21.00
Bayer 04 Leverkusen 31.00
Sporting Club de Portugal 34.00
PSV Eindhoven 34.00
Stade Rennes FC 34.00
FC Red Bull Salzburg 36.00
AS Monaco 41.00
FC Union Berlin 46.00
FC Shakhtar Donetsk 51.00
Fenerbahce SK 51.00
Feyenoord Rotterdam 51.00
Union St.-Gilloise 76.00
Ferencvarosi TC 151.00
FC Nantes 151.00
FC Midtjylland 151.00

One question you might have after seeing the odds table is why there are more than 16 clubs. Well, like we said, the draw for the UEL is a bit more complicated. But we won’t be getting into that in this article.

Based on the odds, Arsenal is the club with the best shot at winning the Europa League. But Cristiano Ronaldo is also playing this season, so we can’t rule out Manchester United. And Barcelona is always a force to be reckoned with in any competition.

Betting Tips for European Club Football

And lastly, we’re going to be listing a few betting tips for each of these tournaments. These tips are not particular to just European football, they’ll be pretty useful for any club competition and maybe even the World Cup.

One thing to remember is that sports betting is an activity meant for entertainment. And you should not look at it as a professional source of income. These tips are meant to make the experience more intense and to help you out with placing bets.

Research and Analysis

Research is the single most important factor in determining the possibilities in a football tournament. The UEFA Champions League is a competition where no opponent is an easy opponent. The same can be said for UEL.

The same rules as competitions like La Liga don’t apply where Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the dominators. All the clubs in the UEFA Champions League tend to be tough opponents.

So, the best option to figure out the potential winner of a game is to do plenty of research into the clubs, players, and even the weather. And if you are able to accurately analyze these things, you certainly have a chance of winning plenty of your bets.

Studying Previous Stats

Previous stats are a great way to gain a lot of insight into the clubs. As we said, all of the opponents in the UEFA Champions League are tough competition. So, the only way to differentiate them is to look at all of the stats.

And this isn’t actually limited to previous stats. As you’re betting on an event, a lot of sportsbooks even offer live stats that you can follow. If you can get a hold of how to decipher these stats properly, you’ll get a lot better at making the correct predictions.

Following other Club Competitions

If you’re familiar with the format of these competitions, you’ll know that clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League and UEL by placing at the top of their domestic leagues.

And because of that, following those domestic leagues might give you a lot of knowledge about the clubs and the players. This will also give you an idea of the club’s performance. Most clubs tend to maintain the same form across all competitions.

So, make sure to follow a few of the related tournaments when you’re placing bets on the UEFA Champions League or UEL.

Injury Sheets

There are likely to be a lot of players who may get injured during the World Cup. And that will affect club performances that resume after the World Cup. So, we suggest staying on top of the injury sheets if you’re planning on sports betting. 

Trust Your Instincts 

You should definitely trust your instincts when you’re placing bets on any sport. The odds aren’t always reliable and there are a lot of other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

But you should also refrain from getting too emotional and backing only clubs or nations that you’re biased towards.

Who are You Betting On?

We’re going to conclude our guide to the UEFA Champions League and UEL draws here. Both of the competitions that we’ve mentioned in this article are ones that have a huge number of people tuning in.

And that also means a large chunk of them end up betting on one or more of these competitions. If you’re one of those people, make sure to check out the updated odds and have fun betting!

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