United States MLS football betting

Find 27 of the best US football teams in the Major Soccer League (MLS) and place your bet on variables ranging from scores to awarded corners. The MLS is where professional players find their right to fame as they play for some of the county’s biggest teams. Despite not being the national sport of North-America, football ranks among the most popular sports on a global level. This means there are plenty of games for you to bet on – all the while enjoying the user friendly interface offered by Betfinal.

The highest tier in US football

Kids in the United States are enrolled in team sports like football from a very young age. It’s no surprise then that some of the best MLS players have been playing at local clubs, to then join the University Soccer League to eventually find a place in one of the country’s top teams. The standards are high for United States football and the MLS ranks among the most exciting leagues to bet on.

During the season from March to October, 27 teams from both the United States and Canada take on each other in a race for the Supporter’s Shield. This Shield grants great benefits during the playoffs; a knockout tournament leading up to the MLS cup championship in December. During the regular season, teams provide their best players to feature in an exhibition All-Star Game. The US football league thus differs from e.g. European leagues in set-up and scheduling yet provides entertainment nonetheless!

High odds and great potential

The numerous variables in MLS football betting allow for great potential of winning great money. Not only does this league include as much as 27 teams – with plans of expanding to 30 by 2023 – the different phases of the MLS divided into regular and playoffs provide high odds and exciting betting statistics. Betting on MLS games therefore satisfies those who enjoy a gamble but want to stay in control of strategy and gameplay.

For every game played during the MLS season, you’ll find a wide range of betting options. Predict the winning team, the number of corners awarded, the top scorer and more to raise the stakes and increase your potential win. Combine the odds of different games or use our Bet Builder to merge multiple bets into one single game. Select your bet of choice and find it added to your betslip where you can instantly see your potential return.

Cash out at any time

Want to secure your winnings? Or minimize your loss? Use our cash out option while a game is still going. When you predicted one team to win and they’re at 1-0 by half time, but you doubt whether they’re able to sustain the lead, cash out and secure your bet. Keep checking your bets to see what the cash out offer is at any time during the game and decide upon the risk you’re willing to take. Not feeling lucky today or certain your winner won’t hold the line until the 90 minute mark? Cash out and find the money transferred to your online wallet.

European odds pay-out

Your winnings will be calculated based on European odds. You’re free to place bets in British or American odds, but your pay-out will be calculated through our standard odds system. An occasional round-off error may occur since European odds don’t always translate neatly into British or American odds.

To clarify: European odds are multiplied by your stake. So an odd of 4.50 on Atlanta United FC to win against the Portland Timbers translates into a stake being multiplied by 4.50. Were you to decide on combining bets on multiple games, the odds of each game will be accumulated not one total combined odd.

MLS football betting on Betfinal

Is the MLS your league of interest and do you fancy an exciting round of online betting? Choose your games, place your bets and monitor the status in your account. Cash out if necessary or push your limits and take a leap of faith; it might be worth the gamble! The money your predictions brought in is transferred to your online wallet immediately. Choose to either use the money to bet on different games or request a withdrawal via any payment system of your choice.

For additional information on our betting rules, platform or service, please contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. We’ll gladly fill you in on the details and help you get started with your online sports betting experience.