Tennis betting

Tennis games meet all the requirements of what constitutes an exciting sport. There’s skill, one on one battles and the excitement of every match point. When you add betting to the equation, your online tennis experience is complete. Betfinal offers all the major tennis competitions around the world for you to bet on. Place your predictions and find out whether you’re in luck today!

World’s best tennis competitions

We cover some of the best tennis tournaments the world has to offer. By keeping live scores and providing the best odds, your tennis betting experience will feel like you’re in the heat of the moment. Monitor odds as sets are played one after the other to find out whether your predictions hold truth. Moreover, follow some of your favourite tournaments and players by placing several bets at the same time. Your betslip will represent each and every bet you place, allowing for a structured and accessible way of tennis betting.

Included in our online tennis betting offer, you’ll find competitions including:

  • Grand Slam
  • ATP
  • WTA
  • Challenger
  • ITF Men
  • ITF Women
  • Others

So place your bets and sit back while the games are determined real time.

Easy bet management

There are plenty of competitions to choose from, ranging from men’s and women’s competitions to double matches and more. In order to keep track of every bet you place, Betfinal offers a betslip that holds your bets. In your betslip, you’ll find the single bets but also multi bets when you decide to multiply the odds. You’ll be able to manage your bets in one place and change anything in an instant.

Simply choose a tennis competition that finds your interest and see which games are live and upcoming. Calculate the best predictions or go with your gut feeling – it’s your bet!

Cash out options

During any tennis game that you’ve betted on, you have the opportunity to cash out against altered offers than the original. Imagine your prediction is true for the first two sets, but you doubt whether the following sets will follow the same lead you’d predicted. Check your betslip and find the cash out offer at this point during the game. Decide whether you want to take a gamble or minimize your losses by agreeing to the cash out deal.

As soon as you decide to take us up on the cash out offer, your money will be transferred to your online wallet immediately. You’re free to use it for other bets on our platform or request a withdrawal. We’ll make sure your money is transferred to your bank account without delay.

Choose any payment option

Great customer service comes with offering a wide variety of payment options. It’s for this purpose that we allow you to pay with any payment system you like. Whether it concerns international systems like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and even e-wallet or local options that only apply to your region, we’ll make sure your transfer is safe and secured at all times.

We value your sports betting experience and push ourselves to provide you with the best possible customer service. This includes receiving feedback and acting upon it. So if you see any improvements that may increase the value of our platform even more, please let us know!

Tennis betting on high level

Over the years, we’ve managed to implement a betting platform that meets the demands of thousands of betting enthusiasts around the world. Join them in the excitement of tennis betting or one of the other live sports or e-sports betting opportunities to experience the true pleasure of online sports betting. The odds are ready, are you?

For additional information on our games, platform or service, please contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. We’ll gladly fill you in on the details and help you get started with your online tennis betting experience.