Football Betting Iran

Did you know that football is the most popular sport in Iran? Football is part of the life of many Iranians and they often come together to watch important matches. The Persian Gulf Pro League is the highest level of club football in Iran, but don’t forget about the Azadegan League, 2nd division and 3rd division. Do you enjoy watching Iranian football? Than you might enjoy betting as well. Check our schedule to see which games are being played this weekend and place your bets at Betfinal.

The best odds for Iranian football

With so many leagues and divisions, there’s always a Iranian football game to place your bets on. You can even place multiple different bets for each game in the top leagues of Iran. Can you predict who’s going to be the winner of the match? Or what about the number of goals scored or corners given during the game? Use the statistics and your own knowledge to make the right predictions and become a winner yourself. At Betfinal we offer the best odds for Iranian football. Place your bets today!

Cash out

Betting can be tricky and sometimes you’re not a hundred per cent sure of your predictions. Luckily, at Betfinal you can often cash out during the match. The cash out offer will depend on the current score and the likelihood of you still winning the bet. The amount of the offer can be higher or lower than the initial stake.

For example, you’re watching a game between Esteghlal and Sepahan. You’ve placed a bet on Sepahan as winner of the match. At halftime they’re indeed taking the lead, but Persepolis is putting up a good fight and you believe they will take over the lead soon. At this point, it might be a wise decision to cash out. In this way, you’d still be a winner even if Sepahan ends up losing the game.


Can you predict which football team will become the winner of the Persian Gulf Pro League this season? The chances are high that Persepolis will be the champion again, but maybe you believe that another club will grab the title. Predict the outcomes of the Iranian football leagues and place your bets.

Quick settlement

We all love winning, don’t you? That’s why at Betfinal your winnings will be added to your wallet immediately. You can use your winnings right away to place a new bet or withdraw the money to your bank account. The same rules apply to the cash out option. At Betfinal we want you to have the ultimate online betting experience.

More information

Want to know more about betting on Iranian football? Or do you have questions about any of the other games here at Betfinal? Use the chat option on our website or send an email to [email protected].