Bet on Argentinian football

Football plays a very important role in the life of many Argentines. They like to celebrate and adore their popular Argentine football players, like Lionel Messi. On Betfinal, you’ll find all the upcoming games of Argentina’s greatest leagues listed, like Copa Argentina and Liga Profesional. Are you ready to place a bet? Make sure to check which Argentinian football games are on the schedule this week, check the odds and let’s hope they’re in your favour!

How to bet

At Betfinal you’ll always find a game scheduled for you to place your bet on. You can even place multiple different bets on each game. Predict the winner of the match, the correct score, the number of awarded corners, the goal scorers and more. Do you need some help with predicting the outcome? Make sure to check the statistics before placing a bet and check the odds. You can easily set your predictions and manage them all within your personal Betfinal account. If you’re in luck and your predictions turn out to be true, you’ll be rewarded with instant cash. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake by European odds. Are you using British or American odds? Know that there might be a slight difference due to round-off errors.

Cash out

Betting can be tricky and you’re not always right. Luckily, at Betfinal you can decide to cash out during a match. How does this work? For example, in the game Boca Juniors versus CA River Plate you bet for CA River plate to win. At halftime, the score is 0-1 for CA River Plate. At this point, you can settle your bet as won. The cash out offer will be in your favour and you’ll make a profit. Even if CA River Plate ends up losing the match. In the same game, if the score is 1-0 for Boca Juniors in halftime, you can also decide to cash out. In this way, you won’t make a profit, but you have the opportunity not to lose all your money. The decision is on you!


Are you not into betting on specific games, but are you 100% sure your favourite Argentinian team is going to win the Liga Profesional this year? Make sure to predict the league standings before the season starts and see how the season turns out for you and your team.

Stream Argentinian football live

To make your Betfinal experience even better we broadcast a lot of games live on our platform every day. On the live page, you can easily check if any Argentinian football team is playing today. Place your bet beforehand or push your luck with live betting. If you end up winning we’ll immediately transfer the money to your online wallet.