Call of Duty betting

Call of Duty is among the biggest games at the moment. It has around six million active players worldwide, and an average of 75000 average viewers for the biggest tournament: the World League Championship. These numbers make Call of Duty betting quite popular as well. Here on Betfinal, we provide you with the best Call of Duty odds, as well as high quality livestreams and an interface that was designed for the ultimate user-friendly experience.

How does Call of Duty betting work?

Call of Duty is a multiplayer, first person shooter game. It has a lot of different versions going, the most famous ones being Black Ops and Warzone. The franchise releases new landscapes annually, bringing in a lot of new talent, tournaments and prize money. This makes Call of Duty interesting for betting, because it brings a lot of new faces to the game on a regular basis. Call of Duty betting exists mostly of betting on the right winner, but for live betting it’s also an option to bet on the amount of kills of certain players, the first to kill or the amount of bombs planted.

Call of Duty tournaments

Call of Duty has several annual tournaments, as well as the Call of Duty League. This is an actual competition that knows the same set ups as competitions for other sports, such as football and basketball. Prizes for this competition go up to 5 million dollars, making it a very popular tournament. This also gives a great opportunity for CoD League betting, which has extra options, such as the winner of the whole competition.

Esports Call of Duty betting

The rise of Call of Duty betting has to do with the rise of esports betting in general. With the rising numbers of viewers on streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, the market for Esports betting gets bigger and bigger. As Call of Duty is one of the most popular games right now, it rises along, bringing extra attention to Call of Duty betting as well.

Payment methods

Betfinal provides you with the ultimate betting experience. A big part of this experience is a user’s paying method. We’ve made it possible to pay however you want, as our website supports the use of PayPal, MasterCard, Visa as well as your e-wallet, and local paying methods. Make sure to check what paying methods are available in your region, so you can select your preferred one. We make sure you’ll get your money immediately, if you decide to request a drawback.


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