League of Legends betting

League of Legends is among the biggest games ever made. It’s the video game with the highest money prizes, and its biggest livestreams have a view count that competes with the Super Bowl. After reading this, it might not surprise you that League of Legends live betting is also really popular. Here, on Betfinal, you’ll find the best odds for LoL betting, as well as high quality livestreams and an interface that was designed for a user-friendly experience.

How does LoL betting work?

League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Every game consists of two 5-player teams. Everyone gets to pick a character, based on a certain skill. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opponents’ base. For this to happen, you fight your opponents as well as their defensive structures. League of Legends is played on a professional level, in tournaments. The biggest tournament is the World Championship, often referred to as the LoL Worlds. For LoL betting, there are several odds you can bet on, such as the match winner, but also the first to kill an opponent, or a dragon.

LoL Worlds

As mentioned, the Worlds are the biggest LoL tournament. Players can win multiple prizes, with the highest being a multi-million-dollar championship prize. The best players from all over the world play in this tournament, which attracted 99.6 million viewers in the 2018 edition. This makes LoL Worlds betting very popular as well. On Betfinal you’ll be able to find the best odds for the LoL Worlds, as well as livestreams of a very high quality.

A variety of payment methods

We offer you a user-friendly experience, which includes various payment methods. Examples of this are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and your e-wallet, but we also support local payment methods. Make sure to check which payment methods are available for your region, so you can pick your preferred system. We provide you with quick cash-outs, for if you feel at risk for losing your bet. Also, when you choose to request a drawback, your money will be transferred to your bank account immediately.


We provide you with everything you’ll need for the perfect LoL esports betting experience: the best odds, high quality streams and a user friendly interface. Make sure to check our promotions every once in a while to make sure you don’t miss out on any offers!

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