Esports betting

Esports betting is gaining momentum and you’ll find some of the best streams on Betfinal. We cover the very best of esports tournaments globally and provide you with the highest odds! Depending on your preference, you can choose esports from the list and place your bet on a wide range of variables. Moreover, expect nothing short of excellent customer service, quick settlements and a user friendly interface to top off your esports betting experience.

The rise in esports popularity

Finding the best esports odds online isn’t all too difficult nowadays; more and more talented players display their skills on the world stage and provide new input for betting enthusiasts to make their predictions. The quality of the streams on Betfinal meets the highest possible standards and grants you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the fictional worlds your favourite players and teams enter as they start their games. The increasing popularity of esports can therefore be explained by its approachable character; you can’t get any closer to becoming a professional athlete or real life warrior than with esports and games.

Moreover, esports definitely doesn’t limit itself to sports only. Aside from FIFA – the number one football game – and other fictional sports games, strategy and shooter games too find a place among the most popular types of esports. League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2 and other virtual multiplayer games take the stage at our live streaming pages for you to enjoy and place your bet!

A selection of the best esports

At Betfinal, you’ll find plenty of esports available for you to make predictions. We offer games ranging from sports to strategy games and more, including:

  • FIFA
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Virtual Rocket League
  • Virtual NBA

The quality streams are often hosted by some of the best knowledgeable people in the business and you’ll therefore get all the insights you need to optimize your predictions and maximize returns. In addition, the highly interactive character of esports betting as well as the competitive element among professional players allows for great entertainment and an immersive gameplay. The best odds are listed underneath each game and it’s up to you to place your predictions.

A wide variety of variables to bet on

No esports game is the same – that’s why you’ll find an array of variables to bet on. Ranging from winning player or team to first attacks and end score, you’re able to place predictions and find the best odds. We’ll make sure your esports betting experience is nothing short of exciting and entertaining. This includes high quality streams, the best odds and excellent customer service in case you run into any problems while placing your bet.

Fast settlements and cash out option

In order to offer Betfinal’s users the best possible experience, we work with a wide range of international and local payment systems. Whatever your preference, there’s always a way to place a deposit or request a withdrawal. Use Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, e-wallet or one of the local payment systems applicable to your country.

Aside from the variety in payment systems, we offer a cash out option to minimize your losses and secure a win. When your predictions are true at one point during the game, cash out against a lower offer and minimize the loss. After agreeing to a cash out, the money will be transferred to your account immediately. From there, you can use it to bet on other games or request a withdrawal. Whatever suits your wishes.

The best odds in esports games

Betfinal is your platform for esports betting. The highest odds, great livestreams, easy betting and various payment methods to choose from. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered. Find the best esports online, including FIFA, LOL, Dota 2, Call of Duty, and other popular sports. We also value your opinion, so please let us know if you notice any improvements on our platform. We’re always looking to improve and optimize to benefit your betting experience!

For additional information on our games, platform or service, please contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. We’ll gladly fill you in on the details and help you get started with your online esports betting experience.